7 Indoor Playtime Activities For Baby Development

Here are some indoor activities that will help stimulate your little ones’ brains while enhancing your ability to meet their developmental needs.

Check out Activity #4: Ball and Tube.


Activity #4: Ball and Tube (For ages 10 to 12 months)

At this stage, a toddler is continuing to develop an understanding of object permanence. For a 3-month-old child, objects that are out of sight are “lost” forever.

By 8 months, the child begins searching for objects that are covered, removed, or suddenly gone. The child’s growth is now evident. The child will seek the toys until they are found. The child also enjoys systematically dumping everything she gets her hands on.  The child explores the object while discovering what happens when she rotates her wrist.

Developmental Goal

  •     continue developing cause-and-effect relationships
  •     refine understanding of object permanence


  •     6 to 8 tennis balls (or any ball that fits your tube)
  •     2 diaper pins
  •     a tennis-ball tube (the size of your alternative ball shall determine the size of your alternative tube)
  •     2 non-breakable containers (pail, bucket, etc.)

ball and tube

1. Place one container at the end of the pipe. Put the tennis balls in the other container.Check to make sure that when the tennis ball go through the tube, they land in the container.

2. Begin by encouraging the child to choose a ball from the container.

3. Then instruct: “Emily, put the ball on top. It will roll through the tube.”

4. If necessary, act out what you’re saying, then add: “Emily, put the ball in the tube.”

5. Ask the child: “Where did the ball go?”

6. Describe for the child what happens after she releases the tennis ball. You can go on to say: “Emily, the ball rolls through the tube.” “The ball lands in the container.” These comments have the value of helping the child understand cause-and-effect relationships.

7. Providing positive reinforcement may result in the child spending more time at the activity:“Emily, you’re working hard.” “You like this game. You have a big smile on your face.”


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