Q&A: What is Tigdas Hangin?

Tigdas hangin or roseola infantum is explained by pediatrician Dr. Minette Reyes-Bautista.

tigdas hangin 

Q: What is tigdas hangin? How is it treated and how can my child avoid it?

A:  Tigdas hangin is roseola infantum, a viral rash. The condition starts with a high-grade fever for three to five days, with or without cough or colds. Twelve to 24 hours from the time the fever disappears, tiny red rashes appear around the child's torso.

Paracetamol and a lot of fluids are necessary to address the fever. No treatment is necessary for tigdas hangin since it is due to a viral cause and is self-limited (it will just run its course). There are no straightforward measures to prevent the particular condition, but proper hygiene and a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables are necessary to prevent the illness.

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This article was first published on March 11, 2010.

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  • Guest 11 months ago
    My baby has tigdas hangin. CAn i still bathe her?
  • Guest 11 months ago
    as long as walang fever si baby or ang bata we can let them have a warm bath, makakatulong din to sa kanila since na iirita rin sila dahil sa rashes.. may ganito ang son ko ngayon, when i took him to the hospital the other day, no tests was done since it will all come back ok as per the doctor, wala ring ipinagbawal sa kanya and he was given Cetirizine for the rashes, we just have to be on the look out if ever magka fever siya ulit we have to take him back to the hospital... since wala siya fever yesterday I bathe him with warm water para di mabigla ang katawan and today naligo na din siya and he's doing fine, he eats a lot and takes a lot of fluids din aside from the rashes sa buong katawan at mukha niya.. hope mawala na din siya eventually.. hope this will help..
  • Guest 11 months ago
    Bkit wlang sumasagot sa mga tanong ng parent? Evryone seems to be so curious yet nobody response! Sna amn my concern citizen here or someone professinal na mka2sagot ng mga tnong nmenrn
  • Sophiafelice Aug 19 2014 @ 12:26pm
    Thank God may ganitong site. Ilang araw na kasi akong parang nababaliw kakaisip sa baby ko. Last friday morning kasi before ako pumasok sa work napansin ko medyo mainit temperature ni baby, then pagdating ng gabi, lalong tumaas temperature niya. Then Sunday ng madaling araw, umabot sa 39.3 ang temperature, so morning ng Sunday dinala na agad namin siya sa ER. Kinuhanan siya ng blood, pero ok naman daw ung test. Kaya pinauwi din kami ng mga bandang hapon at niresetahan lang siya ng paracetamol at vitamins. Akala ko ok na, pagdating ng Monday morning, napansin ko may mga rashes na siya sa mukha at tiyan. At may ubo at sipon na din si baby. Napansin ko din na masyado siya bugnutin at ayaw kumain ng solid food. Hay... 9 months palang si baby, sana gumaling na siya. Pang two days niya na ito na may mga rashes, hanggang kelan kaya ito tatagal?
  • Zhem Jun 08 2014 @ 04:16pm
    hello po. im new hir. ung baby ko kc, 7 mos old xa, nagkaron xa ng ubo na may halak, tpos nagka-fever xa for 4 days. mataas ang body temp nya na umabot gang 39.3. after ng fever nya, tinubuan xa ng red spots sa face, pa-2nd day na ngaun. ung bandang likod nya nagkaron din. matakaw pa rin naman xa at masigla. minsa nga lang nangangati cguro. kaya minsan, naiinis xa. kawawa. tpos parang may susulpot na 2 ngipin sa sides ng 2 ngipin na meron na xa. malambot ung dumi nya. pero ok nman ang performance nya. tanng q lang po, if tigdas hangin po un, anung bawal at dapat s knya? bwal b maligo? plz response po. thanks!
  • Guest May 13 2014 @ 02:33pm
    ung baby q ngkaron sya ng fever 3days,after fever may mga red spots na sumulpot s face nya pati s body hanggang legs nya,mas marami s face...tigdas hangin po kaya ung tumubo skanya.... need po b ipacheckup s pedia or kusang nawa2la w/o medication?wala nmn sya lagnat ung rashes lng talaga..masigla nmn at matakaw padin gabi lng mejo hindi mkatulog ng maaus gaya ng dati.....pls help po...tnx
  • Luanne Dulay Sep 21 2011 @ 08:03pm
    My daughter who is 4.5 years old has it now. Nothing is unusual except for the rashes. She had fever for 2 days, but only low grade, after 3 days, rashes came out. First we thought she's just flushed until it was very obvious already. We had her blood tested and it was concluded to be tigdas hangin. I'm misled by the name baby measles, I thought it's only for infants. I'm still thankful that it's not dengue.
  • Guest Sep 12 2011 @ 03:59pm
    ang baby qu nmn mron n ring mga rashes,,,almost 7 days ng tumataas at bababa ang fever nya,,,hnd qu p cia npapa-check up till nw,,,mron p ciang ubo at cpon,,pro mtakaw p rn cia s gatas at 2big kht ayw nya kmain,,,anu p kya dpat qu gawin...
  • Guest Aug 16 2011 @ 08:24am
    nagkaroon din po ako ng red spots after ko mg kafever ng 24 hours so i assume n tigdas hangin po long will it last?
  • Momi Aika Apr 26 2011 @ 01:53pm
    My baby has roseola now. She got on-off high fever for 4days (38.8-39). We brought her to the hospital because she looks dehydrated already due to loss of appetite. I got really worried. Thought it was dengue fever but her blood wer tested 3x and platelets wer normal so her pedia concluded its roseola. On the 4th day the fever breaks and the rashes started to appear from her torso, neck and back. Hop she gets well soon. I miss my healthy noisy and funny chubby baby!
  • Laarniorbase Mar 14 2011 @ 05:44am
    im confused between roseola infantum and measles..
    my baby has a fever for 3 days and on the fifth day the rashes comes out from head to foot..
    i think my baby havent taken MMR vaccine..
    and my freinds advised me not to bring him to the hospital because it might become worst..
  • rico narra Feb 26 2011 @ 11:10am
    i have it and i'm seek how can i prevent it this is my 2 day
  • mary Feb 08 2011 @ 03:39pm
    my sons came home from school just today...he had rashes all over his body..but no fever at all.,,im wondrin what is this ...
  • Vanessa Nov 16 2010 @ 02:45pm
    what is the difference within tigdas hangin and skin allergy. Because my two year old baby has rushes on his tummy and im not sure if it is tigdas hangin or an allergy. he has fever for 1 day only and suffered from vomiting. as per his pedia he has UTI, then when the fever is gone the rushes appeared on his tummy only, palagi nya kinakamot kc makati daw.
  • ''Gilford Palbusa Ngina Aug 26 2010 @ 06:04am
    our son is recovering from this illness. He had high fever for 3 days(38.5 to 39 C) but he seems fine. He is eats well, play and drink his milk as he usually do. then rashes appeared but we did nothing.
  • Scarlet Twain May 24 2010 @ 11:17pm
    my baby has it but the rashes are drying off which is good but it's making her skin rough. is this still normal. what ointments can i use with her rashes
  • Sophie Apr 18 2010 @ 03:10pm
    my baby has it but the rashes are drying off which is good but it's making her skin rough. is this still normal. what ointments can i use with her rashes
  • Teresa Ubaldo Apr 11 2010 @ 04:18pm
    my daughter has tigdas hangin too, i just want to ask if she is allowed to take a bath while she has it but no fever at all. tnx..
  • twinsRus Mar 13 2010 @ 11:10pm
    it happened to my baby too, but she was admitted to the hosp for a week due to pneumonia as a complication of roseola infantom, so mommies be on the look out for that as well!
  • geej Mar 12 2010 @ 01:16pm
    it already happened to my baby, it just wears off after 2 days.
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