Behind the Scenes: SP’s March Shoot with Pia Guanio-Mago and Scarlet

Take a look at the making of Pia and Scarlet’s first magazine cover!

Pia Guanio and Scarlet

Only 6 months after she gave birth, TV host and celebrity news anchor Pia Guanio-Mago looks as slender and stunning as she did as when she was single. She attributes this to discipline, sensible eating, breastfeeding, and the support of her equally health-conscious husband, Steeve.

On the day of the shoot, Pia and Steeve were very excited – it was, after all, the very first time that she would be on the cover of a magazine as a new mom. All eyes were on her charming little girl, Scarlet Jenine.

Beautiful mom and daughter are indeed a perfect choice for Smart Parenting’s March issue -- browse through the gallery and see for yourself! Click on the photos to zoom in.

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Check out the cover and the issue’s highlights here.

Photos by Stephanie Esguerra

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  • Guest Jun 29 2014 @ 05:42pm
    I just lover Pia G. She's not married and now I salute! Her of being a strong woman after break up with Vic. And I am more happy to see her with her new found man Steeve Mago. And theyre blessed with a cute healthy girl!! More power to you Pia and ur family.... May God will give u more blessings and stay in love with each other!!! 😙👼👼👫👪👪
  • Guest Mar 08 2013 @ 12:40am
    nakabili na ko nyan and i SUPER love it! Pia and Scarlet is super Pretty! Steeve is soo cute din! Team work sila sa lahat! Godbless you, steeve and Scarlet! Love forever! :)
  • Guest Mar 07 2013 @ 06:53pm
    Behind-the-scenes photos were sooo precious!! we really love it!! Pia is such a hot momma and Scralet is superly adorable! :)
  • Guest Mar 07 2013 @ 01:29am
    We suuuper love it!!! Happy family!! Pia is such a sweet Mom! :) Can't wait for the BTS video and interview, for sure it will be as precious as the cover and the Behind-the-scenes photos! :) Good Job Smart Parenting Magazine!!
  • Guest Mar 07 2013 @ 01:25am
    The behind-the-scenes photos are Super precious!! They are really a happy little family!! Happy for Pia! :)) Scarlet is such an adorable, pretty and super kagigil!! :) Love them- Pia, Steeve and Scarlet! :D Those photos made my day! ;)
  • Guest Mar 05 2013 @ 03:27am
    Love the cover! super nice! Gorgeous Hot momma Pia and Super adorable Scarlet!!! ♥
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