Breaking News: Philippine Congress Passes Anti-Bullying Bill

Find out how this new bill can protect your child from the threats of bullying.

students PhilippinesThe House of Congress recently passed into law the bill pushing for schools to enforce anti-bullying policies. 
Otherwise known as House Bill 5496 or the Anti-Bullying Act of 2012, this bill aims to provide parents with important information about bullying, how it happens, how it can be addressed and how it can be prevented from happening in both the grade school and high school settings. The said bill was endorsed by Sorsogon Rep. Salvador Escudero III, chairman of the House Committee on Basic Education and Culture.

Explains Caloocan Rep. Mary Mitzi Cajayon, one of the bill’s authors, “The anti-bullying policies should be included in the school’s student and employee handbook provided to students and parent-guardians. Details of the anti-bullying policies should be conspicuously posted in school websites and school walls.”

Schools are required to submit their anti-bullying policies to the Department of Education (DepEd) within six months after the bill’s passing. New schools can only start operating after they include anti-bullying measures to their policies as an administrative requirement. Further, concerned individuals are encouraged to report any bullying incidents within school premises to the respective division superintendents, who will be responsible for reporting these to DepEd. 

Bullying is described as “any severe or repeated use of written, verbal, or electronic expression, or a physical act or gesture, or any combination of these by one or more students directed at another student that has the effect of actually causing or placing the latter in a reasonable fear of physical or emotional harm or damage to the property, creating a hostile environment at school and Infringing on the rights of the other students at school.”

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January 6, 2012. “House Passes Anti-Bullying Bill” 

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  • Guest 11 months ago
    What if pinag iinitan yung anak ko by questioning her absences dahil nagkasakit sya at tinatanong kung valid ba yung reason of absence where in as a matter of fact eh before yung absences nya eh ang school mismo ang nagpauwi sa anak ko dahil nilalagnat na sa classroom. And this is not the fist time na kini kwestyon nya ang anak ko. You know, yung mom's instinct na pakiramdam mo talaga na hinahanapan ng butas yung anak mo.rn
  • Guest Oct 09 2012 @ 02:03pm
    How about some cases outside the school premises. Some kids had been bullied by the other kids or adults along their way and causing them to be much afraid of going out without their guardians. How can this kids build up their social skills if they're afraid of someone else.
  • Guest Sep 21 2012 @ 05:29pm
    Yes to both instances.
  • Guest Aug 27 2012 @ 08:36pm
    some of the teachers in campo crame elem. school call my son as a tarsier.It discriminate my sons gesture,is this also act as a bullying?what should we do to this kind of teacher.My son is only a grade 2 pupil.
  • Guest Jun 16 2012 @ 02:58pm
    what if the teacher tells his grade 2 students that he will pull their ears if they write slowly? What if the teacher threatened his class by telling them that if he sees dirt on the floor,he will make them eat it..? is it consider as verbal abuse by teacher?
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