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Baby Toys: 1-2 Years Old

Wondering what gifts to give children? Here’s a guide to start you on your way.
1-2 years
At one to two years of age, children go from teetering precariously to walking confidently around the house, causing parents much worry and stress over their mobility. Nothing is safe from their inquisitive hands—everything is fair game for curious minds. Children also learn to express themselves more, identifying objects and naming their wants.
Jack and Lily Baby Shoes
For children learning about the world from the ground up, comfortable walking shoes are indispensable companions. Jack and Lily help out with the task by creating soft sole shoes perfect for indoor and outdoor use. One hundred percent chocolate brown leather is wrapped securely around a child’s feet, easily strapped in with Velcro. Cushioned soles protect a child from everyday bumps, while cushioned ankle protection prevents injuries from unstable legs. To prevent additional slip-ups, rubber sole pads also add extra grip on smooth surfaces. Jack and Lily Baby shoes allow little feet to flex naturally, developing strength and balance in young children. Available at Rustan’s Children’s section for P1,950.

♦ Parents Animal Hospital
Nurture your child’s caring nature with Parents Animal Hospital. The dog, cat, and parrot included will get the very best care from a child-doctor. Each of the six rooms opens with a color and shape-matching key, stimulating a child’s problem solving skills. After patching up the animals’ aches and pains, the child can easily make house calls by storing each item into the veterinary clinic that doubles as a medical kit. Available at Rustan’s Children’s section for P3,674.75.

♦ Fisher-Price Little People Airplane
Let a child’s imagination take flight with Fisher-Price Little People Airplane. Coming in at a hefty 12-inch length and eight-inch width, this nicely rounded plane will give children a handful to fiddle around with. Three figures—the pilot, Mia, and Roberto—go adventuring around the world, controlled by your young one. Lights and flight attendant sounds also play as a child pushes down on the pilot seat, simulating a real airplane in flight. Available at Kidzsports for P1,599.
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