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    Petting Zoo / Farm theme
    petting zoo birthday party theme
    Photo from partytimephilippines
    Melissa Menes of Party Time Philippines shares their "hit" themes. One of those is the Petting Zoo/ Farm theme. The main attraction are the live animals which the guests are free to pet, feed and with horses to ride. Mel explains, "Themes like this must be done in an open-space venue. Our pets and animals come from Bio Research. It can consist of chickens and chicks, goats, bunnies, pigs and pool of fishes. We offer simple cages for take-home animals. Pony and well-bred horses are from riding schools like Manila Polo Club. We make sure that horse-riding is safe that's why we get only trained horses. Party themes that go with this kind can be farm, cowboy and western, shows like wonderpets and jungle junction. Another kind is the Zafari wherein we get exotic animals like snakes and turtles."
    Fashion Walk theme
    fashion walk birthday party theme
    Photo from partytimephilippines
    "This is a hit not only for girls but for boys as well" adds Mel. "Part of the program is a fashion show so the client will announce on their invitations that their invited guests will be a part of the show. It draws a huge participation from the audience. Girls can wear their most fashionable clothes and boys, their sports gear. The more props they bring, the more chance they will be picked for the 'best model' award. Sometimes, the party can be incorporated with make-over booths like Club Princess or Kids Salon. The girls will enjoy the glitz and glamour while the boys can show off their colorful punky hairdos."
    "It takes 3-5 hours to set up the venue because a ramp has to be put up. It is recommended that venues for themes like this be held at club houses, activity halls and wide areas where the occupancy of the venue is not limited by time."
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