• How To Plan a School Birthday Party

    Thinking of a different birthday party idea? Why not hold your child’s next birthday party at his school? Mom and contributing writer Des Doligosa shares firsthand tips to making a school birthday party a success.
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  • Read on to learn more tips on planning your child's school birthday party.


    3. Give out invitations at least two days before, just to let the parents know that the snacks are on you, and should they decide to return the favor of getting presents, you won’t rush them.
    4. You can still choose a theme for the party, just to coordinate the invitations, with the cake and the giveaways or tokens, if any.

    • Invitations can be Do it Yourself (D.I.Y.), Custom Invites or store bought
    • Matching Party Hats, Table Liners/Place Mats

    Options for party snacks:
    1. Restaurant meals usually include spaghetti, chicken, or burgers

    • Ask the restaurant to change the soft drinks that comes with the packaged meals to juice instead, for a healthier treat and for schools with a no soda policy.

    2.    For easier distribution of home-cooked meals, better prepare them in throw away or styrofoam meal containers (in 3s or 4s depending on what do you plan to serve).

    • Suggestions: Spaghetti, hotdog on a stick with marshmallows, chicken nuggets etc.
    • Remember to prepare the cutlery sets (Spoon, fork & table napkins).

    Suggested School Birthday Party Program (Usually hosted or led by the teacher)
    1. Birthday song & blowing of the cake
    2. Birthday wish
    3. Snack time
    4. Giving/Opening of presents from classmates
    5. Goodbye song and others (Dismissal Routine)
    6. Awarding of stars/smileys or others (still part of the dismissal routine) and giving of loot bags/souvenirs (If any.)


    • Prepare take-out bag/plastics, just in case the kids will not be able to finish their food.
    • If you intend to serve the cake, make sure you bring a serving knife as well as dessert plates and forks.
    • Lastly, be on time so that the party will really start and end promptly.

    Be it a grand party or an intimate gathering of family and friends, regardless how big or small, every birthday should be celebrated with love.


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