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10 Playdate Rules to Remember

Before you set up a playdate with your child’s friends, here are helpful hints to keep in mind.

6. Moderate in moderation.
Give your kids enough space to play on their own and resist the urge to watch over their shoulders the entire time. Keep a safe distance so you’re sure to see if any disagreements take place - listen to your mom’s intuition, especially when you feel a fight is brewing.

7. Stock up on snacks.
Always have some healthy snacks ready. If your kids are playing outdoors, bring a baggie with mini sandwiches and cookies they can munch on.

8. Gather lots of games.
Kids easily move on from one activity to the next, so giving them some options can help make their playdate more fun and interesting. Have some game boards, cards, or even dress-up clothes ready in case you see them getting antsy or restless.

9. Two heads are better than three.
Adding a third playmate might result in some conflict among the kids because one is typically left out of place. Getting your child used to a one-on-one playdate first is a good way to acclimatize him to social circumstances, before plunging him into trickier situations.

10. Give a full report.
No matter what comes of your child’s playdate, it’s good to give his friend’s parents a complete retelling of what went on. If a fight ensued, it will be good to discuss with them everything that happened so similar situations can be avoided in the future; if the playdate worked out well, then they will surely want to know about it, too! Giving the parents a heads up further strengthens the trust and is a good way of letting them know their child is safe in your hands.


Photo by Edsel Ochoa

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