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New Fitness Trends for Parents: Dance and TRX Suspension Training

Dad, athlete and contributor Rob del Rosario gives you two new workout suggestions to kick off your fitness routine this 2011.

Johnny and Marlette Besa, a couple with a great reputation in the fitness industry and parents to fifteen-year-old Laurie and six-year-old Vinnie, talk about the vogue in dance and the TRX system.  

Marlette, please enlighten our readers with the most popular trends in dance. Why are these new styles gaining ground?


The latest dance classes I teach are Bollywood Dance, Cardio A Go Go and Streetjazz. These are popular because they are fun, different and easy to follow. Bollywood Dance is a fusion of Bellydance, Hiphop and Folk Indian Dance. The students love combining elements from these three. Cardio A Go Go is a sensual dance that encourages letting go of inhibitions. It's a great workout and they can even bring the moves to the club.  Streetjazz is a combination of Streetdance and Basic Jazz moves. A lot of people are into fusion classes now and they really look for new things to try.

Johnny, what exactly is TRX suspension training?  What are its origins and what can one expect if they adhere to the program?

TRX suspension training

TRX stands for Total body Resistance Exercise, a system of adjustable straps used for what is called suspension training, developed by ex-navy SEAL Randy Hetrick as a way for his team to remain in top physical condition between missions, wherever in the world they were stationed. Eventually he partnered with Fitness Anywhere to further develop his concept, and the result was the TRX.

Suspension training is, according to the TRX website, a 'revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise.' Any beginner who tries TRX properly will be prone to agree with this, I'm sure. It is so versatile and the exercises completely scalable that nearly anyone of any age can benefit from it.  Noticeably increased core strength and the building of lean, strong and flexible muscle are a couple of benefits that can be expected from using the TRX consistently and properly.  Check out for more details.


Click here to learn more about dance and TRX suspension training.

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