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For Moms & Dads

10 Valentine’s Day Activities to Do with Your Family

Celebrate the best Valentine’s Day ever with these fun family-bonding activities.

On the holiday that celebrates love, it’s only natural that we would want to spend time with the people we love best. And for us parents, that means not just our significant other but our kids as well! Make Valentine’s Day a special time for your whole family and use it as an opportunity to teach your kids what love is all about with these ten family-bonding activities:


1. Family gift-giving.


Think of it as a sort of February Kris Kringle: let your family members draw lots to find out who they should give a gift to on February 14. The gift can’t be store bought; it has to be made by the giver.  

Good gifts would be “tickets” for certain services or privileges that you know the receiver has always wanted, such as a fifteen-minute neck massage for Mommy or Daddy, or special bubble bath privileges for the kids. Gifts like these teach our kids that love means paying attention to what the loved one wants. It also means caring enough to give these special gifts, even if it means a little sacrifice on part of the giver.


2. Valentine giveaway.

heart cookies

Teach your kids the importance of spreading love outside of your own home by preparing special treats that your kids can give away to their friends, grandparents, and other loved ones on Valentine’s Day. As clergyman Thomas Fuller said, “Charity begins at home but should not end there.” 

Now what should you give? If you have no better ideas, try this yummy easy-to-make cookie treat:

What you need:

  • 30 pcs. Marie biscuits, large
  • 22 oz. chocolate chips
  • candy sprinkles
  • wax paper–lined cookie sheets

What to do:

 1. Melt your chocolate chips in a double boiler, stirring continuously until the sauce is completely melted and smooth. 

2. Let your kids use tongs to dip the cookies into the melted chocolate. Teach them to let the sauce drip off before laying the cookies on the wax paper. 

3. Have the kids put candy sprinkles on the chocolate covered cookies. 

4. Put the sheets in the refrigerator to let the chocolate harden. 

5. Wrap each cookie in wax paper and secure the last fold with sticky tape. Now your cookies are ready to be given away!


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