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Traditional Indoor Filipino Games to Play With Your Child

We round up some of the most loved traditional indoor Filipino games you can still introduce to your child for some quality bonding time.

Today’s Filipino children are most likely more occupied with watching their favorite TV show or playing computer games (or other electronic games) whenever they are indoors. I have heard numerous children complain that they are “so bored” and whine that “there’s nothing to do!” many times whenever they are at home.

This is becoming common among many kids who are growing up in a fast-paced, materialistic world, where the focus is on accumulating more, while not being happy with what you already have.

If we take a look though at the richness of our Filipino culture and tradition, we will find that children not so long ago were simply content to play outside with their neighbors, “inventing” games and toys as they went along, with whatever materials were available. I know this because my siblings and I, though we grew up in Brunei, did the same, and even “invented” our own game called “sockball.”

Traditional games encourage people to have a deeper appreciation of our Filipino culture, and allow people, especially the younger generation, to “re-discover” their roots, and, in a subtle, fun way, instil patriotism.

A lot of these games are usually played outdoors, but with many parents weary of letting their kids play outside, indoor games may be the more popular choice.

Here are some traditional indoor Filipino games parents may want to introduce to their children:


I fondly recall playing this with my cousins whenever we would come home to the Philippines for vacation. The “rules” are easy, and the game encourages the use of one’s imagination through role-playing.

How to play:
Children pretend to be members of an imaginary family and act out various household situations such as preparing a meal, having dinner, going to mass, and the like.

You can add to the fun by making a “house” – just throw a large blanket over the kitchen table or chairs, or use big pillows to “construct” it. If you can afford it, you can also buy one of those play-houses available in most toy stores.


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