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Product Review: The ERGObaby Carrier

A mom tells us why she thinks the Ergobaby Carrier is a worthy investment.

Ergobaby CarrierI first used an ERGObaby Carrier during the grand opening day of the Active Fun branch at The Fort in Taguig.  I learned that there will be games, raffle and a lot of freebies aside from the unlimited playtime that the kids can enjoy, so off we went after having lunch at home to The Fort.  

I wore my baby using the ERGObaby carrier as soon as we arrived at Active Fun. I was very happy that he seemed very comfortable and I was not having any back pains.  One of the reasons I didn’t like using baby carriers or slings before is because I easily get back pains/aches. Thus, I was surprised when after more than an hour, I did not feel any pain or discomfort.

It has been almost two months now since we first used ERGObaby and we continue to love this product.  We have been using it when we go to the grocery, to the malls, to the church to celebrate Mass and to prayer meetings where we like to keep our hands free.

In a nutshell, these are our reasons why we love using the ERGObaby carrier:

1. Our baby is safe and feels comfortable in it.
Its ergonomic design puts our baby in a correct position thus supporting his spine and hips while he is carried by Mom or Dad. He loved his Ergobaby carrier since day 1 because he can sleep very comfortably in it for hours. It has a hood with adjustable straps that supports our baby’s head while sleeping and protect him from the rays of the sun and from the wind. He also likes to go sight-seeing with us while being carried in it.  

2. It’s safe for Mommy and Daddy’s backs and shoulders.
The baby carrier has reinforced stitching where materials are joined for better durability and dependability. Moreover, it has a safety elastic loop at the waist belt to better ensure the baby’s safety. Its design allows the weight of our baby to be distributed to our hips rather than on our shoulders and neck which could cause strain or even injury. The shoulder pads are wide and adjustable.  

3. It’s very flexible, versatile and convenient to use.
My husband and I can both use it. It can be adjusted to different body sizes and heights, and allows you to carry your baby in front (tummy-to-tummy), on the back, or on your side or hip. It’s very convenient to use especially when I need to travel with my kids by commute. A stroller is bulky and heavy, but I can bring the Ergobaby everywhere!

4. I can breastfeed our baby discreetly using it.
I do this by carrying our baby on the hip or side using the Ergobaby carrier and use the hood as cover.

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  • Guest Oct 10 2013 @ 07:39am
    One reason why we love our ERGObaby is because it promotes the correct ergonomic position for baby. Most front facing baby carrier can cause hip dysplasia. We started wearing our now 18 month old DD since she was 0 month old, but of course we have to use infant insert. Just yesterday i walked 0.8 miles 1 hour walk around the store with our DD sleeping in the ERGObaby. I never felt any pain at all.
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