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Surprise: Letting your Spouse’s Eyes Wander is Healthy for your Relationship

Preventing your spouse from glancing at someone they find attractive can decrease relationship satisfaction.


Their responses showed that those who had no idea they were actually being made to see less of the more attractive faces reported having less relationship satisfaction than those who were allowed to see them in their entirety. They were also able to recall and recognize the more attractive ones later on.

The message with this study’s findings? It’s not to let your hubby check out that curvy woman in the mall, or to not feel guilty at all for you yourself scoping out cuties in the office. The more important lesson would be to enrich your relationship with your spouse and to find more and more things to appreciate about him and to be attracted to him about, to keep your bond strong.

Do you get mad at your partner when he glances at persons he or she finds attractive? Why or why not? Share with us your thoughts and leave a comment below.


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Photo by Ed Yourdon via flickr creative commons 

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  • mama_noe Mar 06 2012 @ 02:23am
    Im not bothered at all. Kasi sometimes I'm the one who tells him 'hey babe, look at that girl, she'sso hot noh?'.
  • Guest Feb 13 2012 @ 06:13am
    I don't mind as long as the girl he looks at is prettier and hotter than me. Hahaha!! :)
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