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The Rewards of Becoming a Stay-At-Home Mom

Mom and contributing writer Des Doligosa shares her story on becoming a stay-at-home mom, its daily joys and challenges, and how it has helped renew her identity as a woman, wife, mom and individual.

mom son dateMotherhood is serious work
I find that the phrase “working mother” is redundant. Regardless of being a corporate employed mom or a stay-at-home mom, it’s really all the same. It doesn’t make one better or any less as a mom. Being one or the other either by imposition or by choice, the possibilities are endless and worth celebrating if you just sit back, take time to enjoy the ride, and marvel at life’s greatest pleasure --motherhood.

Making the move to being a stay-at-home mom
A year ago, I took a break from my seven year-corporate employment stint and opted to be a full time homemaker. I wanted to celebrate it! I wanted to cherish the moment while it lasted just in case I decided to pursue corporate employment again should the need should arise. Without the clocking in and out demand of an employee, my family and I now have all the time to enjoy being with one another 24/7. Moreover, becoming a stay-at-home mom enabled me to explore all possibilities and adventures there are as a wife, a parent and as an individual.

The ups and downs
Being a stay-at-home mom and full time homemaker is no walk in the park. Every day for me is an adventure of trial and error of learning how to instill discipline, study habits, eating habits, etc. and deciding which how much is just the right attention without being overprotective, boring, or a killjoy, all at some time.

Yes, I still do get stressed at times, like during the time when Chase cut his hair during his art class, whenever I have to constantly remind him to do his assignments, getting him to eat healthy, making him sleep on time, or when I play nurse and I worry most on the days that he is under the weather.

To any parent, the challenge and responsibility of molding your child is always a difficult task. But to be able to do that is most definitely an amazing experience, and worth missing a monthly dose of retail therapy, which I did indulge in before as an employee. For a full year now, I get to be a part of my son’s key developmental milestones. I get to meet his teachers, friends and classmates. I meet fellow moms and I have the luxury of time to indulge in endless chatter about our little ones.


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  • Guest Aug 16 2014 @ 02:58am
    Indigo is blue violet and not red violet. :)
  • Mama Mia Dec 01 2010 @ 11:19am
    i love this article because i found myself nodding to every word and sentence. it is a joy to be able to care for your child 24/7 and see his/her development. thank goodness that i have such a supportive and understanding husband! to break the routine (and only if i have time), i sometimes blog about my experiences over on -- it's a great stress reliever! and i get to meet other mom bloggers in the process.
  • mommy elle Nov 17 2010 @ 11:15am
    The joy of being with my kids age 13, 12 and 8 respectively, three years ago was amazing! The bonding and being hands-on has become my new career. Im just wondering now why I'm feeling bored lately. Though on weekdays we go malling and doing fun stuff. i don't know if I ran out of ideas to keep me going or is it just the same old stuff that I'm doing over and over again. I have friends that I occassionaly meet. I chat with my relatives during my idle time, read books, write in my journal etc etc. Just to kill boredom. My husband, by the way is an OFW. In the house its just me and myself. I wish to get back the drive that I once have before. I always wanted to be happy being with my kids because they are my treasure... they are my fulfilment. Sadly, how can I do my job well if I'm just doing it because I need to and not because it is something that makes me happy. Help, please...
  • mcpangan Nov 09 2010 @ 07:42pm
    I can relate on your story.. Just chose my family over an 18 yr old career in the corporate world( which I may say I am already on my peak ).. Felt guilty to see my 3 yr old son on the hands of her yaya because of the demands of my work. I maybe well compensated but as a mother and as a person nothing can beat the feeling of fulfillment when my 3 yr old kiddo kisses me when he wakes up, when my 11 yr old young lady tells me she is an honor this time that i am her tutor(unlike when she is been being tutored by somebody else) and whenever my husband and my father complements the new dishes I cooked and inventED. Kasi totoo ang sinasabi nila. Unlike in the corporate world, not all are true. This big turn around was a result of my being 40 this yr., as the saying goes.. LIFE BEGINS AT 40.
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