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help! Gain vs Promil Gold vs Enfapro plus for 6-12 mos. Old baby

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Go for Gain sis, kids ko yan milk 6-12 mos. feeling ko maganda talaga sa brain development though syempre kelangan hiyang si baby mo

@doc ina..thanks for replying..:)..i provided answers on your questions..if it is not too much to ask, ano po assessment nyo sa case ng baby ko?..:)..thanks in advance..:)

How old is your child now? 8 months

What is the pooping pattern? (how frequent in a week?) may times na everyday, may times din na 1 or 2 days syang hindi nakaka poop..ang pinakamatagal niya is 3 days po na hindi pag poop..

How old was your child when this problem first start? we also encountered this problem during her 0-6 months of age..though seldom lang talaga doc, we are thinking po na because mahina talaga siya uminum ng water kaya ganun..mas madalas po dati na wet ang stool niya...recently lang tuloy tuloy po ang constipation halos araw araw na..

Did your child have good poop in the first 24 hours of life (right after he was born)? basa po stool niya so we switched her milk from s26 gold-Nan-S26 plain..

What other things do you notice in your child? Is there weight loss? Is there failure to thrive? Is there soiling in the underwear? Nag weight loss lang po siya when she got sick..ubo/sipon..wala po siyang gana dumede sa bote..mas gusto niya dumede sa akin..

If your child does poop, how does it look like in size, shape and consistency? sometimes round, sometimes pahaba po..

Additional info po, usually cerelac, mashed potato/squash, marie bisquits lang naman pinapakain namin sa kanya doc..i also breastfeed her..:)..we also changed her milk na doc, from Gain to Enfapro +, ok naman po sa pedia niya..we are still observing if maging ok ang pag poop niya with her new milk..:)

hope to hear from you again..Thank you so much..:)

@mommymichelle: hello sis..i tried Gain to Ziva..:)..actually ok ang milk intake niya...ok din ang weight niya sis..kaso nagkaproblema ako sa pag poop niya..she's always constipated..:(...kaya ngayon, we are trying if maging ok ang poop niya sa Enfapro A+..if not, back to Gain ako..:)

Hello mga mommies!!! Share ko ko kase is using Enfa milks, from birth nag-Enfalac A+ (Php1,100++) na kami sa kanya. Fortunately, wala kaming naging problema, as in hindi sya nagkasakit or nag-constipate. And now that my baby is 10 months old, he is now drinking Enfapro A+ (Php1,078.00), so far sobrang ok naman. Napaka-active and happy ng baby ko...he can stand na at malapit na mag-walk. :) :) :)

doc ina:
good day mommy mom-of-ziva!

your baby is perfectly normal.  if your child maintains the weight for age, is not losing weight and does not have developmental delay, there is nothing to worry about.

now that you are switching milks, observe the pooping pattern for 2 weeks up to 1 month.  it is impossible to determine the effect of one bottle of milk on a child's poop. 

if you are really concerned about the constipation, it is best to have a pediatric gastro-enterologist examine your baby.  In my opinion, there is no need for this at the moment.  But if you feel there is need for this, go ahead, for your own peace of mind.  kindly read this article on constipation and how it is affected by milk. thanks!

i hope this helps.

God bless!

Doc Ina


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