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familiar ba kayo sa Lancaster Estate Affordable Houses in Cavite?

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hindi po talaga flood free ang area na yan kaya mura ang mga properties. Come to think of it, bakit ganun ka mura yung selling price nila diba? I have nothing against the developer pero what I am saying is based from feedback :) Kaya sa mga mommies who's planning to invest on properties, first thing that you have to consider is kung binabaha ba or not :)

Naku, ang developer ng Lancaster is Profriends. Mura nga, so don't expect na maganda at maibay siya. Hindi maganda developer na yon. Advice lang, if kukuha kayo ng house ng profriends, inspect nyo mabuti. Usually dinadaya nila yung mga bumibili sa kanila. Yung bathroom, hindi sementado, lupa lang tapos tinatakpan ng tiles, kaya pala dami insects nanggagaling sa bathroom namin, pati centipedes, etc, yung pala dun sa lupa galing. Tapos yung bathroom namin sa second floor, naglileak, sabi ng carpenter na tumingin, ganon din daw ginawa, hindi sinimento. Pinareceive sa SIL ko yung house na in good condition daw habang wala pang water connection, nung nagkatubig na, doon pa lang nakita na may leak lahat, sa bathroom,pati sa kitchen sink. Then yung ceiling, aakalain mong wood at hindi cement ginamit kasi hindi pantay-pantay pagkaka-palitada. In a few years, manonotice mo dami na agad crack ng house. Kaya kami ng husband ko, we promised not to buy house from PROFRIENDS.

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Hi, me ang my sister reserved a unit here last Jan. 2, i've been monitoring feedbacks regarding Lancaster Estates from Pex, madami na current homeowners dun, wala naman po sila feedback na binabaha sila particularly in Lancaster Villages na phase or the one near the clubhouse. The preselling phases are currently in construction, so one can knows if binabaha yung area.

Sino na po may experience dito na binabaha ang LE, and in what particular place po? please advise, para ma update ko rin ang forum sa PEX regarding the scenario, thanks!

hi there, im living now sa lancaster, so far ok naman, di naman binabaha. anyonen here na tga dun din?  :)


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