• I Learned from the Best: 5 Moms Pay Tribute to their Moms

    Five women share how their moms inspired them to become better mothers.
    by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez .
  • Inspired by mom to love reading and put my family first
    Angeli del RosarioAngeli Del Rosario is the 29-year-old mompreneur behind www.angelidelrosario.com. She shares how her mother played a huge role in the early days after she had her daughter Ally.

    "My husband was in the US when I gave birth, so I was alone. My mom took care of me and my baby for the first 6 months," Angeli says. "A few days after giving birth, I was rushed back to the hospital because of postpartum hemorrhage. My mom took care of Ally while I was in the hospital.

    Angeli says that she has growing respect for her mom now. "When one becomes a mom, it's like your eyes are opened and you see things in a new light," she explains. "You hear that being a mother is hard, but you don't actually understand what that means until you become one."
    She also says she has fond memories of her mom reading aloud to her in a very animated voice. "She made stories come alive — she'd change her voice, or read some lines in singsong. It made reading so much fun. I still know by heart some of the books and rhymes she read to me as a child.

    "So now that I have a daughter of my own, we read together the same way my mom used to read to me. I've been reading to Ally since she was in my tummy. I guess this is why she loves books. At 2 years old, she has a wide vocabulary and vivid imagination.

    Another thing Angeli learned from her mom is the importance of putting family first. “She was a SAHM (stay-at-home mom) during my childhood days, and that's what inspired me to give up my career as a writer and polymer clay artist,” she explains, “and put off my dreams in favor of spending time with my little girl. My beads and clay can wait, but my little girl won't be little forever."

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