3 New Preschool Innovations That Work

No Two preschools are a 100% alike. Here’s a peek at three approaches to preschool education that may well pave the way for every tot’s future academic achievement

Here are more preschool innovations that work.


Imagine a group of bright-eyed, 4-5 year old boys and girls of diverse cultures and nationalities, huddled together reading aloud from picture books, or learning music, dance and arts in both English and French. This is an everyday scene at the Ecole Française de Manille’s (EFM) Pre-school. The Bilingual French-English Curriculum program, which started in September 2007, aims to develop the students’ ability to express themselves in both languages with much ease, fluency, and facility.

According to school headmaster, Mireille Vincent, all of the subjects are taught in both languages for an equal number of hours, at alternate schedules. “There are two teachers handling the classes, one for English and one for French. The classes are held in two separate rooms, both of which follow identical lay-out and design like a board for telling the weather, day, and time,” she shares.

International Curriculum with a local fl avor. The curriculum is defined by the French National Ministry of Education and recognized by our own Philippine Department of Education. “The program not only hones the children’s sensorial and linguistic skills but harnesses their full potentials as well.

Exposure to a myriad of cultures will not only broaden their horizons at such young age but will also tremendously develop interpersonal skills and ability to adapt to various situations later on as an adult,” reiterates Madame Vincent.


What works?

Though EFM accepts enrollees as young as 2 years old, its bilingual program is only open to 4 years old, since one of the conditions to qualify is that the child be very confident in her own language, whether English or French. To fully integrate with the whole European educational system, other languages such as German, Spanish, and even Mandarin, are taken by students in the higher grades. How’s that for your little citizens of the world?


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