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Kat Castaneda

Kat Castaneda


Christening Outfits For Your Baby Boy Starting At P429

Your little one will look angelic in these, for sure!

Homebased Jobs: Parents Who Left Their Jobs To Work At Home Say 'No Regrets'

It's a hard decision to make, but the rewards are well worth it.

Homebased Jobs: Moms Share How To Succeed Outside The Corporate Life

Yes, there are a lot of opportunities out there you shouldn't miss (even after having kids)
Kid’s Fashion

Get The Look: Hair Accessories For Little Girls As Seen On Celebrity Kids

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How to Deal with a Pasaway Yaya, According to Preschool Teachers

Is your yaya's attitude becoming a nuisance in your child's school?
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How to Help Your Child Face 5 Big School Challenges

Big school, from homework to friends, can be intimidating. Help her overcome with these tips.

How to Help your Preschooler to be Independent

Nervous about your child having to do things for himself in school?
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Feel Like a Queen! 21 Awesome Treats and Freebies on Mother's Day

From staycation, good food and gift ideas, mark your calendars and enjoy these special promos with Mom.
Labor & Childbirth

Take a Peek at Manila's Most Trusted Birthing Classes

Whether you are going for an epidural or sticking to natural childbirth, find the best one for you!
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21 Ways to Spoil Yourself this Women's Month!

From freebies to discounts, enjoy a month of perks that come with being a woman!
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14 Stores Where You Can Get Party Supplies in Metro Manila

Party planning can be overwhelming -- all the more when you choose to DIY. These party shops can help!

5 Ways To Make Your Child's Teacher Your BFF

Your partnership will ensure a smooth-sailing schoolyear for your child

The Best Way to Teach Kids About Money, According to Bo Sanchez

"If your kids see that your reason for waking up in the morning is love, not material things, they’ll get it and follow your lead."

Mom We Love: Deborah Gustafson of Shiphrah Birthing Home

From a foreign woman's advocacy was born a center for pregnant women in the Philippines
Party Planning

5 Online Shops That Sell Everything You Need for a Kid's Party

Hold the children's party of your dreams without leaving your home.

7 Strategies on How to Pack Light When You Have Baby With You

Because nobody likes lugging around numerous heavy bags on a vacation.
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Everything You Wanted To Know About Birth Doulas

Are you thinking of getting a doula? Read this first.