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Lili Narvaez

Lili Narvaez


5 Top Myths About Baby's First Foods: How to Be Adventurous!

Is there an order you need to follow? How much flavor should it have?

Why Toddlers Won’t Share Their Toys

Mine, mine, mine! Learn your toddler’s struggle with sharing and what you can do about it.
Real Parenting

Preggy Etiquette 101

Read up on (and avoid doing!) these 10 things that are the pet peeves of pregnant women.

Table Truths: 7 Baby Food Myths Debunked

We debunk the myths about the food you should give your baby.

Keeping a close eye: Caring for Your Child’s Eyesight

Know how to care for your little one’s windows to the world while he’s just beginning to see.

More than just a Sugar Rush: What You Need to Know About Child Diabetes

What happens when your child is diagnosed with diabetes?
Love & Relationships

How To Deal with Monster Moms

Don’t know how to deal with the difficult mom? Here’s what you can do.

Household Hullaballoo: How to Deal with a Yaya Vs. Maid Showdown

Here are some stories from parents on yaya vs. maid conflict and how they dealt with it. Read on for expert advice for some common yaya and maid sticky situations.

Preschoolers’ Reading Delay: Hyperlexia, Dyslexia and More

Do you wonder if your toddler has delayed speech or language development? Check what the experts have to say.

Preschoolers’ Motor Development Delay Questions Answered

Do you wonder if your toddler has delayed motor development? Check what the experts have to say.

Pet Safety: Avoiding Dog Bites

Read on to learn more why dogs bite, pet safety guidelines and first aid treatment to prevent rabies.

Baby Milestone Markers: 11-12 Months

Stay on top of your 11-12-month-old tot's developmental milestones!

Closet Makeover: Reinvent Your Child's Wardrobe

Turn your kid’s old clothes into awesome new pieces![readmore]

The 5 Ps of What to look for in a Preschool

What should you consider when choosing the best preschool for your child? Contributor, mom and former school teacher, Rochelle Prado, takes us through the 5 Ps of what to look for in a preschool.

The Yin And The Yang: Easy-to-follow Feng Shui Tips for Your Child's Study Area

Welcome the new year with some easy-to-follow feng shui tips for your child.s study area.

Your Baby at 11 Months: Exploring Independence and Control

<div align="justify"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="2">Foster your baby's independence.</font><br /></div>

6 Days to Christmas! 4 Yuletide Lessons for Your Preschooler

<p><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="2">Christmas is the perfect time to impart certain values, traditions and practices to your child. Here are four yuletide lessons that will make your little one’s holiday a more meaningful one.</font></p>

9 Days to Christmas! Help Your Kids Anticipate Christmas

<p><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="2">Build anticipation and excitement for the Christmas season for your tots.</font></p>

12 Days to Christmas! We Let You In On 6 Christmas Shopping Secrets.

<p><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="2">Rima Otswani, a personal shopper, reveals some smart shopping solutions perfect for buying Christmas gifts.</font></p>

15 Days to Christmas: Prep Up Your Home For Balikbayans

It’s <em>balikbayan </em>season this Christmas! We share a helpful tip on prepping up your home for your guests.

16 Days to Christmas: Go Caroling With Your Kids!

Let the magic of music and soulful singing bring a merry tune to your holidays this year!