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Lorela U. Sandoval

Lorela U. Sandoval

Real Parenting

Moms Confess: I Break my Own Rules

Sometimes, you have no choice but to break the rules... but it can turn out well, still.

When Baby Starts to Crawl: the Dangers and Health Hazards

While crawling is an important part of baby's development, you should be wary of the unseen enemy, too.
Health & Nutrition

What to Eat while Pregnant

Wondering what food you can and cannot eat while pregnant? An expert tells us.

Don’t be a Victim: How to Protect Yourself from Abduction

The adage “better be safe than sorry“ is a mindset that can save you and your family from harm. Learn what a security expert has to say to stay away from imminent danger.

Things to Consider before Deciding to Migrate

Migration can be a boon or a bane. Find out if it suits you and your family.
Party Planning

Top 10 Ways for Single Moms to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Mom and contributing writer Lala Sandoval, having found contentment being a single mom, shares her own ideas of spending Valentine’s Day.
Party Planning

How To Handle A December Birthday

For those whose birthdays fall in December, you know how it feels. Don’t let your kids.

How To Say No To Expensive Gifts On Your Child’s Wish List

Christmas is for kids and parents are happy when their kids enjoy the season. However, it’s not an excuse to splurge or spoil. Contributor Lorela Sandoval gives some tips on how to respond when your child asks for an expensive gift.

Ensuring your child's safety in school

Ever wondered how school protects their students from dangers and other threats? Read on to find out how one school does it.

Preparing Your Home For Typhoons

Planning and preparing ahead of time can save you and your home from troubles during the rainy season.
Labor & Childbirth

How to Get a Flat Tummy for C-Section Mommy

For moms who had a C-Section, the tummy is the hardest part to trim off post pregnancy. Here are three tips to help you get started.
Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Suggestions: 3 Budget-Friendly Finds

Wondering what to give your dad or hubby this Father’s Day? Find out our top 3 gift finds.

Sagada: Vacation Worth P10, 000 for a Family of Four

For our series on budget vacations, our last stop for the summer is an exceptional vacation spot worth P10,000 for a family of four.

Summer Day Trips and Budget Vacations Worth P1,500 for a Family of Four

A P1,500 vacation budget can definitely get you somewhere. Mom and contributor, Lorela Sandoval, shares where to go and how to do it.

Parents' Guide for a Family Weekend in La Union

If you plan to head out of the city with your family, why not try to explore La Union? Mom and contributor hailing from the North, Lorela Sandoval, invites you to see some of its hidden wonders.
Family Fun

5 Swimming Pool Games to Try This Summer

With summer coming up, try something more physical and diverting for your kids to do. It might be easier for them to watch TV or play video games but it will be more interesting for them and more gratifying for you if they engaged in some kind of physical activity. Try out these fun swimming pool games and beat the heat.
Real Parenting

Nivea's Sun Screen and Sun Block

Mom and contributor, Lorela Sandoval, talks about the difference between sun screen and sun block and why you should have both for your family.
Health & Nutrition

Sex During Pregnancy: What's Safe And What's Not

Getting pregnant doesn’t mean “goodbye, sex.” Read on to find out what’s safe and what’s not.

6 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day Without Breaking the Bank

You may still be reeling from your December bills so you might not be so eager to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Try out some alternatives from contributor and mom, Lorela Sandoval, and still express your love meaningfully.

7 Things You Need To Know About Giving Juice to Your Baby

<font size="2" face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif">How much juice can you give to babies who can already drink from a cup? We share with you some guidelines. </font>