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Ronna Bonifacio

Ronna Bonifacio


This Wet And Dry Cordless Vacuum Is Worth Investing In If You Want To Save Time And Clean Efficiently

If you'd rather spend your time with your kids than doing household chores, this one is worth the tag.

Guilt-Free 11.11 Buys Mommy Deserves: Buy 1 Take 1 Skincare, 70% Off Clothes, Makeup Dupes On 50% Off

Because we know we are much more excited to treat ourselves when there’s a crazy sale
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Son Of A Single Mom Reaches Out To Dad With A Heartbreaking Message After Being Blocked—’I Exist’

He was 11 years old when he messaged his dad via a messaging app and was two years old when his father last made contact.

If You Want To Be A Good Parent, You Just Need To Remember This One Word

Your child does not need a perfect parent, she just needs one who can own up to her mistakes.

'Don't Wait Up For Mama' What These Fab Moms Said To Their Kids Before Going To The Preview Ball 2023

It was mom's turn to have fun but just like all of us, these stylish women had to first ask permission from their kids!
Big Kids

Stop Asking Kids ‘What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?’ Say Thought Leaders. Here’s Why

It's time to stop equating one's work to one's sense of worth and achievement.

Kryz Uy And Slater Young’s Laidback Parenting Style Is What All Young Parents Need To Hear Right Now

Young as they are in the parenting arena, the content creators are unafraid to share that they are just like us–learning as they go along, which means making mistakes. And that’s absolutely okay.
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I Took My Daughter To Watch The Barbie Movie, Here's What We Honestly Thought Of It

A mom wonders why the movie received negative family reviews, when it's something she thinks everyone should watch.
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'Give A Hundred Percent Support' See How These Parents Accepted Their LGBTQ Kids

These four parents remind us why it's important for parents to be the first to accept their kids

Paraw Sailing, Paddle Board, Crystal Kayak And More: What To Do In Boracay With Kids

Thinking of activities to do with your kids at the famed island? Here's Smart Parenting's guide and family review!
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Iya Villania and Drew Arellano's Parenting Is About Role Models, Positivity, And Trying Again

The celebrity parents of four may appear like they know exactly what they're doing but they're the first to say that they too are works in progress just like the rest of us.
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‘Don’t Waste Daddy’s Money’ How Joel Cruz Keeps His Eight Kids Grounded And Grateful For Their Blessings

The entrepreneur teaches his kids to follow a budget in the toy store and that not every visit means they can buy
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Worth Your Time And Money: Smart Parenting's The Flash Movie Review For Families

*Spoiler free* Why you should take your family to watch it in cinemas
Kids with Special Needs

'Nakakadurog Ang Ganito' Dad Of Boy With Autism Heartbroken For His Son Who Has No Playmates

"Hindi naman natin masisisi ang ibang bata. But this breaks my heart as a father."

Yelling, Name-Calling, Physical Punishment Are More Likely To Cause Mental Health Problems In Kids

Children who face harsh discipline is 50% more likely than their peers to have mental health symptoms according to a new study in Ireland.
Love & Relationships

Husbands Fantasizing About Other Women–Normal or Not? Parents And A Sex Therapist Weigh In

After apologizing for his viral statement on sexual fantasies, an anonymous wife asks our Facebook group whether it is normal or not.