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  • 4 Last Minute Gifts That Are Better Than Cash Envelopes

    The bonus: you don’t have to deal with mall traffic!
  • Done with shopping for your whole family? Now it's time to face the dilemma of finding the perfect gift for each of your godchildren. If you're tired of giving out envelopes with cash, here are a few things that will cement your authority as the coolest ninang ever—you can shop in one place without leaving the house!

    1. Pillows

    Are you a ninang to a young snoozer? Kids these days would surely love a cute pillow to cuddle with at home so give them a knitted bed buddy that's not only cute but also made of kid-friendly material.

    2. Colored Pouch

    If your godchild is old enough to go house to house to receive cash and goodies from the elders, the most functional gift you can get them is a cute pouch that they can don with their new outfits. These cute, Pinoy inspired art pouches are useful not only for kids to keep their holiday money in, their moms and dads could also use it for future purposes.

    3. Childrens' Books

    As they're growing up, it's important for you as their ninang to be a part of building their moral foundation. But since you can't always be around them, why not give them Adarna books? These illustrated books will give your godchildren stories and moral lessons to treasure for a lifetime.

    4. Geeky Toys

    No matter the gender, kids will always love apparel and merch connected to his or her favorite movies and TV show. If your inaanak is addicted to Star Wars or Star Trek or Pokemon, get them toys and accessories based on the characters they love.

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