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  • Funny how baby toys have had major transitions since our time. I remember the excitement I had having my first battery operated toy. Now, even baby toys are computerized. Times have changed drastically. Introducing kids to high tech educational baby toys paves their way to the fast paced computer age they will be facing.

    Below is a unique and innovative educational baby toy available in the market today. I selected it for its benefits, originality and value. The price of this toy could be considered an "investment" since the item can be used for years.


    VTech Baby's Learning Laptop

    Vtech Baby Learning Laptop

    Image from vtechkids.com


    Consider getting one for your baby or as a gift. The baby’s parents will thank you for diverting their baby’s attention towards his own laptop (vs. the real ones). I myself had plenty of moments when my baby would insist on sitting on my lap when I'm on the PC and start hitting the keys.



    Baby Can Learn About Objects, Nursery Rhymes and Speech

    Baby's Learning Laptop answers the baby's need for an interactive toy and the need to imitate Mom and Dad. With attractive and colorful keys that can take a baby’s banging, a mouse shaped squeaking, movable mouse, fun melodies and a voice like Mommy's, babies will surely find it irresistible. With its different mode selections, baby can learn about objects, nursery rhymes, speech, music and more.

    What surprised me is that baby sometimes gets more interested in opening and closing the lid. The sound can be annoying so keep the volume switched low. This toy may look like a laptop but the features really aren't. There’s no digital screen or LCD, just glowing grids of pictures for identity. The mouse may be moveable but is not wired and can't be taken out. I feel that this toy is just the same as any other interactive baby toy only it's formed like a laptop. It's actually shaped like an inverted head of Mickey Mouse. It operates on two AA batteries, no adaptor connection needed.


    Watch Out When Baby Reaches the Throwing Stage

    Watch it when the baby reaches the throwing stage. Even if the unit can take a little shock, it is still no match for a little Hulk. It's advisable that baby plays with it on the floor rather than in a crib or on a bed as the object can be pitched over and may fall hard. Babies have a very short attention span no matter how amusing the toy is. So, don't expect he'll get occupied with it the whole day. It's better to keep it from the baby's view whenever he's not playing with it. Let him play only for short periods with a few hours gap in between. This is because babies tend to lose interest seeing the same toy too often. For those gaps, make it your bonding time. Bonding with one or both parents is most beneficial for the baby than any kind of toy.

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    Overall, baby Learning Laptop is a highly recommended interactive toy that suits babies six to 36 months. Its design can't go out of style for as long as laptops are still around. Vtech Baby's Learning Laptop is available at the toy section of major department stores at P1,600.00.


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