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  • These Personalized Gifts Will Make Your Mommy Friends Love You More

    Why choose an ordinary gift when you can pick a thoughtful one?
These Personalized Gifts Will Make Your Mommy Friends Love You More
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  • While there are plenty of presents to go around, only a few truly stand out. Often, those are the ones the giver put much thought into. And what better way to tell the moms in your life that they mean all the world to you through personalized items?

    Strike the perfect balance between practical and creative with these gift ideas for all the moms who deserve to feel loved this Christmas. You may find these on shopping sites and independent sellers online, at bazaars, and at malls, just to name a few.

    1) Bag tags

    For the mom who’s always on-the-go, or has finally found the time (and sanity!) to travel with the kids in tow, bag tags will still save the day.

    She’ll appreciate the thought of you adding her initials or name on the tags, which will help make sure that her bag won’t get lost in the airport (or even at the mall).

    2) Magnets

    While some of us set reminders on our phones or laptops, others still put theirs up on the refrigerator door or on a magnet board at the office.

    For those mommy friends of yours, give them a one-of-a-kind magnet with their family photo on it. Another idea is a hand-painted one featuring her favorite colors.

    3) Acrylic items

    For your mom-friend who loves to organize, consider giving them personalized acrylic keyholders or accessory trays. They can double as table decor, too!

    You can even make this a gift for the couple by putting their initials for that personal touch.

    4) Jewelry

    Give your mom pal the option to jazz up her outfits with a piece of jewelry that will remind her of your friendship. Remember, she’s usually juggling several things at the same time, from managing the kids and the family, so the jewelry doesn’t have to be flashy.

    Have a necklace pendant engraved, or find a bracelet with her initials as charms, and you’re all set.

    5) Bayong bags

    You’ve probably seen those hand-painted bags online, so why not give it a local spin with our very own bayong? It’s an inexpensive option for artsy and eco-conscious moms who could always use another bag for their groceries and shopping finds.

    You can either commission an artist or paint it yourself if you can. Consider a colorful scene or a simple pattern that will make the recipient feel special.

    6) Statement shirts

    For the mom who wears her heart on her sleeve, give her a statement shirt with her favorite quote, a quirky one-liner or hashtag that moms can relate to.

    You can also make it a family affair by getting matching themed shirts for the kids and dad so they can all wear it together.

    7) Monogrammed towels and blankets

    Moms can never have too many towels and blankets, especially if there’s a baby at home. Make her feel special by giving her personalized monogrammed towels and sheets with her initials.

    You can also opt to have her family’s initials or surname monogrammed, for a gift that her whole family can use. Or consider a his-and-hers option so mom and dad will never have to confuse which towel is theirs!

    8) Leather goods

    The gifts you give to moms should last long, and leather items fit the bill. The range of gift items made with leather include phone holders, passport holders, wallets, ring keyholders, leather cord wraps, and earphone holder, so you have a lot to choose from.

    Just make sure you think about what your mommy friend needs most, so your gift doesn’t end up at the regifting pile!

    9) Toiletries and bath items

    Moms deserve a spa day every now and again, especially when things get busy. Give them a gift that lets them feel pampered right at home. Toiletries can also be personalized, such as fragrances, lotion, or hand sanitizers, among other products.

    Don’t forget the kids, too! Baby Dove lets you personalize their Hair to Toe Baby Wash and Lotion bottles for the little ones. Just visit their order site to order a personalized gift that your mom friend or relative will surely love.

    Before the holiday rush gets any busier, take the time to think about the best gift your mom friend or relative will always remember. There’s nothing like a thoughtful gift to show these moms that their selfless love and care for everyone around them deserve to be rewarded and appreciated.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Baby Dove.