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7 Useful Christmas Gifts Family And Friends Will Love That They Won't Buy For Themselves
  • We’re counting down the days ‘til Christmas (43 days from now, to be exact!) and we’re sure you’ve already started with your gift list. If you’re on a budget, you’d want to give presents that are useful and won’t add to clutter. It may be something useful gift ideas that the receiver never knew they needed, or even better, something so practical they’ve overlooked buying it for themselves.

    7 something useful gift ideas for Christmas

    As a kid, I dreaded opening gifts because I knew it would almost always contain socks or bathroom towels. But now that I’m older and a certified tita, I find that these practical gifts are seriously useful — you don’t buy enough of it because you think you won’t need it, but there will come a time that you will. And then you’ll be glad someone gave them to you last Christmas!

    If you haven’t started Christmas shopping yet, here are some ideas for everyday items that feel special enough to give as gifts.

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    1. Extension cords with USB ports

    These make great gifts for families because everyone will be able to use it. If you have a lot of gadgets, you won’t have to plug in individual charger heads — you’ll just need cables!

    Try: Bavin Universal Charger Hub, which comes with three power sockets and six USB ports. This can also be handy for travel!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lazada

    2. Charging cables

    Though we try our best not to lose the cables that come with our gadgets, we’d always find the need to have a spare one. For example, apart from the cable that is attached to my powerbank, I also have a spare one in the car, and I use a separate one at home. Your family and friends will surely appreciate this gift, especially for those who are prone to damaging or losing their cables.

    Try: A good sturdy brand like Anker, which offers a variety of Android and Apple cables and comes with a warranty.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lazada

    3. Gift certificates

    Even if it’s not worth a lot, family and friends will always be thankful for gift certificates. A something useful gift idea is one where receivers have the option to choose where to spend it, like department stores, groceries, and hardware stores. Even better if it doesn’t have an expiry, so they can use it at a time when they really need it!

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    Try: Sodexo, Uniqlo, Robinsons, SM, and Watson’s gift certificates

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    4. Room and linen sprays

    If you have family and friends who are obsessed with keeping their home smelling fresh, then this is a something useful gift idea that will be the perfect addition to their stock.

    Try: Messy Bessy room and linen sprays. Members of our Smart Parenting Village always recommend these!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lazada

    5. Travel organizers

    I used to think that getting travel organizers were corny, but now I see the genius behind it. Perfect for families with little kids who need separate bags for their things, but can only bring one luggage!


    Try: Beabi garment cases that come in different sizes. A good travel organizer (that receivers will love) is made of quality material, so choose wisely!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Beabi
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    6. Umbrellas

    There will always be people (like me!) who will forget and lose their umbrellas, so this is actually a thoughtful gift. Plus points if it’s the small, foldable one. Even better if it’s automatic!

    Try: Fibrella Automatic Umbrellas. A little expensive but always worth the money!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lazada

    7. Food storage containers

    Pinoy moms and dads love storing their meat and leftover food in recycled ice cream tubs but if you really want to keep food fresh for a longer time, go for clear, airtight containers. This something useful gift idea is especially useful for moms who make their own baby food and for families who want to start on a zero-waste lifestyle!


    Try: Lock & Lock containers, which come in sets. Plus, you can choose from different materials and sizes!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lazada

    Note: prices are subject to change

    Christmas is one of the best holidays but they say it’s also the most wasteful. Click here for ways to have an environment-friendly celebration!

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