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  • These Cards Are the Perfect Instagram-Buddy for Every New Mom

    Celebrate a milestone by picking a card and taking a photo of your baby with it.

  • Thinking of the perfect baby shower present for a soon-to-be-mom? We’ve recently discovered a find that may be just the thing: Smilestones by Chibi Momo

    Smilestones is a pack of 35 cards where 20 mark baby’s firsts and 15 celebrate each milestone age. There’s one for each age month, one for baby’s first tooth, first bath, first steps and many more. With adorable illustrations by Studio O and some cheeky copy, the cards are made to create memorable online albums and for sharing on Facebook and Instagram! 

    How? Take a card out, snap a photo of your baby with it (flat lay folks!), and preserve that happy memory. A lot of the cards have back-to-back printing with a few featuring funny themes for you and baby to pull off. One card for example, says “Oops, I farted my brains out” Who could resist holding their nose next to baby and taking a silly selfie with that? Here's a peek at the other cards. 



    Sold yet? Get a pack by visiting Chibi Momo at Century City Mall, Makati. 

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