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  • Buying a toddler gift is no easy feat.  With numerous options available—books, toys, feeding products, clothes, etc., one can easily get overwhelmed. Sure, you can easily just grab anything off the shelf if you want, but you would want to give something that's well thought of, right? Then there's the endless list of questions like “Does he have this already?”, “Will it fit?”, “Will he use it?”, “Will he like it?”
    Well, here's a product that will surely address most of your gift-buying concerns. Let me tell you why:
    Munchkin Snack Catcher: Mess Free Snacks
    This product has made feeding my son his munchies so much easier and mess free. Handing him his snacks while he sits in his stroller (without a snack tray) or in his car seat (alone in the back of the car) can be quite an ordeal—a difficult and messy one at that. Ordinary snack packaging and usual food containers don't just cut it and result in wasted food and a lot of spillage to clean-up. Oh and my son loves the fact that he can feed himself freely without anyone handing the food to him or holding the snack container for him.
    Uniquely Designed Plastic Cover
    The Munchkin Snack Catcher is a snack cup with a uniquely designed plastic cover, that allows the toddler to reach in for his snacks, take his hand out and feed himself without spillage (well, almost). Imagine a soft plastic cover with slits (like a pinwheel) that open up when he reaches in and closes when he pulls out.  More than this all the yummies stay inside even when the toddler drops the container, keeping them safe and clean.


    Consider this next time you need to buy a gift for a toddler. It's unique, useful and fun.  His teacher will surely thank you for sparing her the time and energy to clean-up snack bits from the classroom floor. And his mother will definitely be more than happy about this gift.
    Munchkin Snack Catcher retails at P389.95. Available at Rustan's, Baby & Co., and Babyland

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