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  • We Found 5 Styles of Kiddie Clothes Your Inaanak Would Actually Love

  • Do you struggle year after year to think of the best gifts for your inaanak? It's easy to go with toys or just give them some money and let them decide, but as their ninang, it's one of your duties to make sure they have what they truly need.

    This year, give them these cute and comfy clothes instead:



    (Babies' Crew Neck Long Sleeve Body Suit 2-Piece, P490; Babies' Crew Neck Short Sleeve Body Suit 2-Piece, P490)

    Help out a mommy friend by giving her kid these one-piece outfits. These can keep him cool during summer and warm enough during the cold days. These onesies are made with stretchy materials that will not hinder your inaanak's movement—perfect for when you play with him. His mom would also appreciate that the outfits fully open and close with plastic snaps, which make diaper changing a breeze.


    Graphic Shirts

    (Kids' Sounds of Disney Graphic Shirt, P390; Kids' SPRZ NY T.Goodman Graphic T-shirt, P390; Kids' Sounds of Disney Graphic Shirt, P390)

    Give your inaanak these cool statement shirts that you can mix and match with leggings or easy shorts. Choose from a variety of cartoon characters, princesses, and even funny quotes. You can wear your own statement shirts, too, when you go out with him for that perfect twinning moment.


    Easy Shorts

    (Girls' Easy Shorts, P390; Boys' Easy Half Pants, P590)

    If you love taking your inaanak out for walks in the park or some quality time at the playground, get him a pair of these easy shorts. They're great for when he needs to run around, sit on the grass, or go down slides. 


    Toddler Leggings

    (Toddlers' Leggings, P290)

    It's usually very easy to give gifts to little girls. You can give your girly inaanak these cozy toddler leggings that would go great with loose shirts and short dresses. Don't worry about her movement! These are made from materials that will stretch according to her movement.


    Dresses and Polo Shirts

    (Girls' Striped Sack Dress, P390; Boys' Packaged Pique Polo Shirt, P390)

    Looking for a more put-together option? Choose between dresses and polo shirts. Your inaanak can wear these at school or when you take them to the mall.

    Your inaanak—especially their moms would surely appreciate these practical and useful gifts. Now you can take lots of twinning photos together!

    Looking for more styles? Check out the Uniqlo website. These stylish and comfy clothes got the SP Mom Seal of Approval! 


This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Uniqlo.