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15+ Adorable and Funny Halloween Costumes You Can Totally DIY
PHOTO BY courtesy of Monica Rios Arcinue
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  • My family loves Halloween, and we scramble for costume ideas for trick or treating each year. And yes, we decide as a family what to wear and coordinate our outfits. We are not big on buying ready-made costumes, so many of our ideas are those that are easy to execute (we tend to cram!) and do not require us to spend a lot of money. Here are some of our efforts.  

    One of the first costumes we put together were Peter Pan and Tinkerbell costumes for my niece and nephew.


    We dressed up as the Flintstones the year we decided to dress up as a family! This is all DIY, thanks to loads of masking tape, glue and the hand-sewing experience my sister and I had from our Home Economics class. 

    Fast-forward to the time I finally had my own little one to dress-up, and Halloween became even more special. Here he is in his first Halloween. 

    watch now

    Of course, the parents could not be far behind -- Han Solo and Princess Leia joined the fun.

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    As you can see, we take Halloween pretty seriously -- like we-walk-around-the-mall-in-our-costume kind of serious! So if you’re as much a fan of dressing up for Halloween as we are, here are some easy-to-do Halloween costumes you can make for your kids or the entire family. 

    #1 Where’s Waldo

    This one’s a comfortable costume for toddlers and easy to pull off. What you’ll need: striped shirt, blue pants, black glasses, red beanie.


    I printed a Where’s Waldo comic and walked behind my son for added visual effect.  

    #2 Buzz Lightyear

    This mom and daughter tandem is taking the twinning OOTD all the way to Halloween! What you’ll need: white outfit, packing tape, colored papers, glue and textile paint

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    #3 Astroboy


    Relive your cartoon of choice from the 80’s and dress your kid as Astroboy. What you’ll need: green band, black shorts, red socks, black felt (for “hair”)

    #4 Rarity

    Whoa! This costume’s on point! Mommy Gela shares, “She wanted to be Rarity of My Little Pony and just like her name, the costume was rare. Mommy had to improvise. We used her old white top and leggings. We bought the violet wig, tutu and boots in SM. Then we hand-sewn her accessories: Unicorn headband, diamond cutie marks, gold bracelet & belt.”   

    #5 Donut

    A sweet costume for the sweet tooth! What you’ll need: floater, Japanese Paper, cut-up coloured drinking straws 

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    #6 Minecraft Character

    Why not a quick costume for your little builder? What you’ll need: print-outs, cardboard, foamboard/Styrofoam for the sword

    #7 Maddie from Sia’s Chandelier Video

    Play Sia’s Chandelier while walking around and your kid’s costume is sure to be a hit! What you’ll need: beige tights and bathing suit, blonde wig with that signature bangs 


    #8 Body Sponge

    The SmartParenting.com.ph's editors had to clap over this costume. Great job, mom! What you’ll need: tulle sewn onto a dress, string

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    #9 Little Frodo

    We love that he stayed true to character and didn’t wear any shoes! Mommy Patty shares, “The ‘ring’ was just a gold curtain ring and some brown string. I folded his brown pants, [and] cut up an old brown shirt to look like a vest.”


    #10 Monsters, Inc Gang

    Because it ain’t as fun when you’re just one so bring on Sully, Mike and Boo. What you’ll need: felt cloth, yarns

    #11 Mario Bros and Company

    Here's my family again when did we used a popular video game for inspiration. How we got this look: box covered with metallic paper, aprons in place of jumpers, star attached to a headband, hat turned into toad’s hat and brown cloth for Goomba

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    #12 Star Wars

    Can you tell we love Star Wars? This was Episode II of our Star Wars costume and this time, we brought in more characters. How we got this look: leggings covered with bond paper for the Storm Trooper, black trash bag as cape plus mask and chest plate printed from the internet for Darth Vader, R2D2 swimwear, headband with brown ears for Ewok, crocheted beanie for Yoda’s ears, and the rest we just improvised using everyday clothes

    #13 The cast of Stranger Things

    If you watch this hit sci-fi show, then no explanation necessary! How we got this look: mostly using clothes and items we already had at home, except for the face on the wall which was made by wrapping a wooden frame with jersey fabric 


    #14 Halloween Photoshoot

    If the baby’s too young to join the party, then just set-up an indoor photo shoot. What you’ll need: fabrics, cartolina crepe paper, and some imagination! (See onesie Halloween costume ideas here.)

    # 15 Transformers


    I know I said easy-to-do, but, hey, if you’ve got the serious costume-making skills, then by all means, make this Bumble Bee costume! What you’ll need: cardboard boxes, paint, and some skills. 

    Monica Rios Arcinue daydreams of parties all day in between running a household and raising a toddler. After leaving the corporate world, she decided to pursue her passion for party planning through her blog Homemade Parties where she features DIY parties of moms just like her. She is currently busy brainstorming for her family’s Halloween costume this year. But her toddler has already made up his mind and wants to be Iron Man.

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