• 14 Stress-Free Halloween Costumes Perfect for Trick-or-Treating!

    Hey, there's no shame in trooping to the store to buy Halloween costumes for your kids.
    by Kitty Elicay .
14 Stress-Free Halloween Costumes Perfect for Trick-or-Treating!
PHOTO BY Stanley Ong ILLUSTRATOR Phoebe Carillo
  • Last October 8, we showed you amazing DIY Halloween costumes. It involved sewing, the use of glue guns, lots of tape, and some fantastic creative styling from the family closet.

    But we all have our days when scrambling for a costume means hitting the store or going online for something fast, quick and cute. Here are some adorable options for the mom who feels overwhelmed by the idea of sewing, cutting, and crafting (or perhaps totally forgot your child wants to go trick-or-treating).  

    We can't help but gush at this sweet strawberry costume! It comes complete with a long-sleeved inner shirt and striped leggings. Less stress for mommy! P750, Tots N Toddlers

    A little one waddling around in this duck costume? Always a winner. Pair with orange leggings or shoes for the full effect! P550, Tots N Toddlers

    This itty-bitty ladybug will crawl its way into your hearts. Pair with black leggings, and you’re all set! P550, Tots N Toddlers

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    Animal costumes always look adorable on babies—this penguin onesie is no exception! 1,799.75, Bumblebee & Company

    The hood on this clownfish costume is removable, a nice option when your baby becomes fussy. P1,999.75, Bumblebee & Company

    Ahoy there! This pirate costume already includes the jacket, pants, neckwear, hat, belt, and boot tops! P999.75, Toy Kingdom

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    This firefighter apron is easy to wear—just tie it over your kid’s shirt and pants! It can be used after Halloween for everyday pretend play. P785, Pumplepie

    This cat costume comes complete with a dress, removable hood and tail, and a belt with a Velcro strap (not shown in photo) for a custom fit. P699.75, Toy Kingdom

    Does your toddler want to be a cowboy? Quickly turn him into one with this cute apron! P785, Pumplepie

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    Not all witches are evil. They’re pretty and smart—just ask Hermione Granger. And no need to buy a pointed hat—it comes with the dress! P599.75, Toy Kingdom

    Here's for your budding tween who loves ninjas. This costume comes complete with the shirt, pants, and hood. P799.75, Toy Kingdom

    It's Little Red Riding Hood, but the hood is reversible! So you can even use it to turn her into a superhero. P1,200, Pumplepie

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    If your kid hates cute but you don’t want him to be too scary, this vampire costume can be a happy compromise. And for less than a thousand you get a complete outfit with a cape, shirt, neckwear, and pants! P799.75, Toy Kingdom

    Not all girls want to be princesses—sometimes they want to be robots, too! The jumpsuit includes a detachable hood. P999.75, Toy Kingdom


    Special thanks to our models Kairhie Alavera (Strawberry, Penguin, and Ladybug), Yumi Alingarog (Cat), Miguel and Rafael Flores (Duck and Clownfish), Basti Guidotti (Ninja and Vampire), AJ Lugatiman (Firefighter), Connor Pronstroller (Pirate and Cowboy), and Elise Solano (Witch, Little Red Riding Hood, and Robot).

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