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  • Year of the Earth Dog: Good for Partnerships; Beware of Excessive Floods

    Feng shui consultant Dato' Joey Yap on what we can expect for the year
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
Year of the Earth Dog: Good for Partnerships; Beware of Excessive Floods
PHOTO BY Marriott Hotel Manila
  • Besides the festive food and the revelry, the reason we love the New Year is because beginnings are always an opportunity to be renewed, to make things right. Whether it's the Western New Year or the Chinese New Year, we Pinoys (and Chinoys) never pass up a chance to go out and celebrate.

    Traditionally, because we want to start the new year right, we turn to fortune tellers to tell us what the future holds for us. For the Year of the Earth Dog, which commences tomorrow, February 16, we spoke with Dato' Joey Yap [JY], renowned consultant for Chinese astrology and bestselling book author, during his recent seminar at the Marriott Hotel Manila, to find out just that.

    Q: Is it a good year to have babies?
    Every year is a good year for babies. Probably you heard it from somebody else that certain years are good for babies-- it's not true. Because, first of all, life itself is a miracle, so we cannot say that certain years are not good for babies. Every life is valuable. If life happens for you and you are given the gift of a child, you should be celebrating and rejoicing.

    Q: What will be the emerging values for the family in the Year of the Earth Dog?
    If you look at the 2018 chart for Qi Men, I think a lot of people are gonna gear towards spiritual practice in 2018 and 2019, it overlaps a little bit. You'll find that families will be more spiritually inclined or will practice religious principles, [which may mean] more peace. 

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    Q: What natural disasters should we watch out for? 
    [These will be based on] two elements: fire and earth, which [could pertain to] volcanic disturbance and eruptions and earthquakes. 

    The other one is this: When the fire element is strong as you saw in the chart, it also causes ice to melt. This part of the world is prone to floods and wind-related disasters like typhoons.

    When ice melts around the third quarter of the year, there [will be] excessive water and floods. 

    Q: What is the general outlook for business this year?
    2018 will be a great year if you are to look for properties. The economy is picking up. If you want to get in the wave to participate in the forefront, then you should go and start looking for assets, not wait until it peaks and lose the opportunity. 

    It's also a great year to form partnerships with people. We cannot achieve exponential growth if we only do everything ourselves. Find a good co-founder, and since the economy is picking up, opportunities are coming in especially with dealings overseas. 

    Thirdly, stop trying to save too much money, BUT I'm not saying to waste it. [What I mean is, you] need to use resources to generate more resources. Perhaps it's time to spend a little bit to upgrade yourself, so you can take on the opportunities that come academically, or even [improve] your living environment. If you have resources, enjoy your life. Things are going all well in the Philippines, why not enjoy the process? 

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    Q: What epidemic should we watch out for?
    The flu. Bird flu. Also be careful about joint problems, injuries, and cardiovascular issues.

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    The fire element hidden inside the earth represents heart-related problems.

    Q: Is it a good year to get married?
    If two people are happy with each other, there's no good luck or bad luck. Relationships require work--you don't "get lucky". You get lucky to meet somebody, but the rest of it requires a lot of work. There are so many forces pulling us apart: distractions, for one--Facebook, for example is a whole distraction; so if we could control that, that's good enough. That's us making decisions.

    In my opinion, there's no year you shouldn't get married, just years you shouldn't get divorced. 

    Q: What charms would make us lucky in the year of the Earth Dog?
    [Charms are] total bullsh*t. The real thing [that will] change your life is your decisions, what you do and don't do. The whole idea of metaphysics is to allow you to understand what's in store so you can act on it, not wear a charm. Anyone who says that is basically buying a shortcut out of their problems in life. And they deserve to be cheated. 

    You don't need lucky charms; rather, you need to make better decisions if you want a better life.

    Your life won't change just because you have a chicken or rooster somewhere, or you got a bracelet that has power. The whole idea of learning astrology is not trying to get lucky colors or lucky charms. There is no such thing. I've been in this business for 22 years. All the rich and powerful people that I know don't wear lucky charms. (They may sell one to you, though.)

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