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  • These Practical Christmas Gifts For Babies Are Just Under Php500

    Don't know what to give your youngest inaanak? We've got you covered.
These Practical Christmas Gifts For Babies Are Just Under Php500
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  • There are many things to consider when buying gifts for babies. They grow up so quickly that they’ll outgrow most clothes and shoes. Toys can be tricky, too, because you’ll need to think about choking hazards and other similar safety issues. When getting a gift for the little ones, it’s always best to consider something that doesn’t just look cute, but would actually be useful as well.

    If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for your littlest inaanak—or your own kids or pamangkin, for that matter—here’s a budget-friendly list to help you plan:

    1. Onesies

    Starts at Php300

    Babies will always look cute in onesies, which help keep them snug all day or while they sleep. You can opt for a plain white design that he or she can wear at home, or one with cute cartoony animal patterns perfect for outdoor playdates. Look for ones made of breathable, stretchy fabric for maximum comfort.

    2. Personalized baby toiletries, like Baby Dove Hair to Toe Baby Wash and Lotion bottles

    Starts at Php274

    Babies need extra TLC when it comes to their skin, so it’s important to get toiletries with a gentle formulation and are free of harmful ingredients.

    For a personal touch, you can visit www.ustore.com.ph to purchase Baby Dove Hair to Toe Baby Wash and Lotion which you can personalize by having the baby's name printed on the bottles.

    Simply go to www.ustore.com.ph, sign up, type in baby's name, and your very own personalized bottle will be delivered right at your doorstep.

    These will certainly make for thoughtful and practical gifts, and will make bath time a precious moment for both the baby and the parents.

    3. Books

    Starts at Php65

    While babies are not yet able to read, their parents or even older siblings can read stories to them out loud. Experts say this actually helps them become smarter! There are plenty of Filipino-English storybooks featuring fascinating creatures and characters, and marvelous places far and wide that will surely fuel their imagination.

    4. Educational toys

    Starts at Php100

    Did you know that toys do more than just entertain—they help with babies' brain and physical development, too? From a set of brightly colored shape sorters to mobiles that play music, toys make for thoughtful presents that can help keep a baby’s brain stimulated. Just remember to pick toys fit for their age.

    5. Bibs

    Starts at Php200

    This gift will take care of those messy moments once babies start to eat solid food. Choose a cloth bib with a colorful design, or a silicone one in a solid color that will catch crumbs and drink spills.

    Get your personalized Baby Dove Hair to Toe Wash and Lotion bottles from www.ustore.com.ph and follow Baby Dove Philippines on Facebook to learn more.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Baby Dove.