• How to Peel the Price Stickers Off of Gifts and Other Gift Wrapping Tricks

    Wiggle your way out gift wrapping bumbles with these tips!

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    Noche Buena is tomorrow already! You can't afford to mess up wrapping your presents with Christmas so near. Take to these tips and lessen the chances of a gift wrapping flub. 

    1. Pinch the corners of your gifts

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    For nice sleek look, pinch the corners of your gift between finger and thumb. 

    2. Stash your unsused wrapping paper using tissue paper or kitchen roll tubes for use next year

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    3. Make lovely quick bows and gift toppers using scrap wrapping paper

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    4. Make removing pesky price stickers easier with a blow dryer. 

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    Rub away the sticky residue with a pencil eraser.
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    Or nail polish remover
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    5. Iron out the wrinkles from ribbons with a light bulb

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    6. Ran out of gift cards? Recycle stuff around the house

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    A deck of playing cards will do if you can make it pretty enough. 

    7. Ran out of gift wrapper? Again, recycle stuff around the house like newspapers, music sheets and maps. 

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    We've got more suggestions for this here in our 17 Beautiful Gifts Wrapped Using Materials You Already Have at Home article. 

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