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  • 5 Practical Christmas Gift Ideas For Every Member of the Family Under Php1,500

    Shopping for gifts? Allow us to help you.
5 Practical Christmas Gift Ideas For Every Member of the Family Under Php1,500
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  • If there’s one thing trickier than navigating the city traffic or the crowded mall aisles during the holidays, it’s actually picking gifts for the people on your Christmas list.

    It gets even trickier when you’re shopping for family members or loved ones because they’re the people you most certainly don’t want to disappoint. You want to give them the kind of present that they’ll surely appreciate, and not just toss under the bed to gather dust.

    To pick the right gift, start by paying attention to what that person values most and see if you can give him or her something related to it. Say, for your super busy sister who’s also a mom, she may appreciate the gift of a professional home cleaning service. For kids and adults alike, experience also proves to evoke happiness than material ones, according to science.

    Here, we’ve rounded up some practical but meaningful gift ideas for every member of the family, all without breaking the bank:

    For kuya: A hobby kit

    Estimated cost: Php800 to Php1,500

    Is your brother an outdoorsy adventurer? A sports fanatic? Or a car lover? Use this as your guide in putting together a mini kit to support his hobbies. If he likes traveling, get him a travel kit filled with useful knickknacks like a small bottle of his favorite shaving cream and a map of his next destination. Is he obsessed with his car? Put together a car care package filled with cleaning essentials.

    Think of what he likes and actually uses, and which things he’s most likely to feel guilty about spending on, especially if he already has a family of his own. He’ll surely appreciate the thoughtful gesture, and you’ll likely have fun curating his hobby kit, too.

    For ate: A pampering experience

    Estimated cost: Php800 to Php1,500

    Makeup, fragrances, and all things girly are go-to gifts for sisters, so your ate is probably already getting a lot of those from other people. To make yours stand out, give her a special experiential treat—something that she’s been wanting to do but never had the time for.

    This can be anything from a hair makeover or a home service massage to an eat-all-you-can buffet or a “sisters-only” movie date. Is she a shopaholic? You can also opt for discount vouchers or gift certificates to her favorite stores.

    For bunso: A customized treat

    Estimated cost: Php500 to Php1,000

    Depending on your bunso’s age and interests, gift options can be endless and dizzying. For that extra special touch, opt for a customized gift. It can be a useful item that has his or her name on it, like power banks, laptop cases, or jewelry like a bracelet or a pendant.

    It also wouldn’t hurt to ask him or her what he or she wants, so you’re sure to get something he or she will both like and need. You can also actually take your sibling out shopping so you can pick out the gift together (You earn bonus ate or kuya points for the bonding time, too)!

    For lolo and lola: A photobook or memory box

    Estimated cost: Php500 to Php1,500

    Give your grandparents a heartwarming gift in the form of a custom-made photo book containing your most treasured family photos or a box filled with printed snapshots, both old and new. You can even make this a family project! Just ready some tissues for the waterworks — your lolo and lola just might tear up while flipping through your sentimental gift.

    For mom and dad: An indulgent gourmet food basket

    Estimated cost: Php1,000 to Php1,500

    What do you get people who already have everything? Well, no one can ever say no to a gastronomic treat, especially a package filled with premium comfort food that they can indulge in without leaving home!

    Make your parents a gourmet food basket they won’t be able to resist, like a bottle of wine or champagne and an assortment of cheese and crackers perfect for date nights at home. Throw in some bottled delicacies, too, like delicious premium bottled fish products from San Marino that’s guaranteed to please even those with the pickiest taste buds.

    Choose one or all of their variants: San Marino Premium Spanish Sardines (Php110 SRP per 240-gram bottle), San Marino Premium Yellowfin Tuna Belly (Php115 SRP per 200-gram bottle), San Marino Premium Herring Fillet (Php135 SRP per 200-gram bottle), San Marino Gourmet Cream Dory (Php135 SRP per 200-gram bottle), and San Marino Gourmet Tuyo (Php135 SRP per 220-gram bottle). These excellent offerings can be enjoyed with rice, palaman for pan de sal, tossed in pasta, or even on their own.

    Coming up with the best gifts for the special people in your life doesn’t have to be such a difficult task. Give it from the heart and with the best intentions, and your gift-giving mission is complete.

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