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  • The Ultimate Toys"R"Us Guide: 10 Toys To Buy For Your Inaanak (Ages 0 to 7)

    Claim the “best ninang or ninong” award with these finds!
The Ultimate Toys"R"Us Guide: 10 Toys To Buy For Your Inaanak (Ages 0 to 7)
  • Toys make for the most wonderful gifts for children. They not only entertain–they also aid with their skills and brain development.

    If you are still on the lookout for the perfect Christmas present for your inaanak, consider picking out a toy fit for their age. We’ve come up with a list of 10 toys you can get for kids ages 0 to 7—all available exclusively at Toys"R"Us.

    For ages 0 to 2

    Little Hero Bear Shape Sorting Bucket, P699.75*

    This shape-sorting bucket helps develop hand-eye coordination and basic problem-solving skills in babies and toddlers as they explore how to sort the shapes themselves. Plus, the adorable bear design will surely have the young ones fixated.

    Bruin Push N’ Spin Carousel, P799.75*

    Who needs screen time when you can get colorful visual entertainment the safer way? At the push of a button, the little horses gallop and spin, giving babies an attractive visual display.

    Mickey and Friends Clubhouse, P3,499.75*

    Curious tots are in for endless hands-on play with this interactive playhouse, featuring Mickey Mouse and his friends. Babies can also learn about colors and sizes, as well as practice and develop gross motor skills while they play.

    For ages 3 to 5

    Steffi Love Happy Family, P1,199.75*

    Great for pretend play and for teaching kids about babies and families, this cute set features Steffi, Kevin, and Evi, who are getting ready for a new addition to their brood–there’s a baby doll in Steffi’s belly! It’s such a steal, too: for one price, you get four dolls, plus accessories, including a stroller.

    Dino Valley Treehouse Playset, P1,299.75*

    Here’s for the dinosaur-obsessed child. Fuel their knowledge about dinos while encouraging them to engage in role-play with this set, which includes a toy dinosaur, as well as other fun accessories such as a dino skeleton, a treehouse, and more.

    Crayola Magnetic Double Easel, on sale at P3,329.75 from P3,699.75 (regular price)

    This easel can help kids hone their writing and drawing skills, as well as fuel their creativity. They can create masterpieces using markers, crayons, pens, chalks, magnetic letters, and more on this double-sided easel (a magnetic whiteboard on one side and a chalkboard on the other).

    For ages 6 to 7

    World Peacekeepers Military Figure - Assorted, P649.75*

    Pint-sized thrill-seekers can make their military dreams come true with their own collectible toy soldiers. This deluxe set is great for encouraging role-play and imaginative thinking.

    Stats Archery Set with Lights and Target, P1,299.75*

    Perfect for indoor and outdoor fun, this archery set teaches kids about focus, discipline, patience, and resilience. After all, it takes practice to be able to hit the bulls-eye! Archery also helps develop balance and stability. Mom and dad can even join the fun!

    Fast Lane Multi Level Parking, P1,999.75*

    If your inaanak is obsessed with toy cars, here’s a cool addition to their collection: a multi-level parking building. It’s bound to test their problem-solving skills and creativity, too, as they figure out how to make it all come together. Kids and kids at heart are sure to enjoy this from assembly to completion.

    Rainbocorns Big Bow Surprise, P3,899.75*

    Your stylish inaanak is in for a cute surprise with this Rainbocorn set. The giant golden egg contains the fluffiest Rainbocorn plush toy, plus three surprise Bow-Bowcorn eggs. Also included are a bevy of accessories like pencil toppers, hair bows, and more.

    To get that extra special gift for your inaanak (or anak, for that matter), make sure to visit the Christmas toy store of choice, Toys"R"Us.

    Toys"R"Us offers a wide range of toys and items that cater to every child’s interest. There's more: the Toys"R"Us Christmas Toy Book, your ultimate guide to holiday toy shopping will be released soon!

    When you know what your inaanak or child wants, shopping will surely become a lot easier and more convenient, especially during the hectic holiday season!

    To find out more, visit Toys"R"Us Philippines’ official website and follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

    *All prices indicated in this article are suggested retail prices (SRP).

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