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  • Wackiest Costumes This Halloween 2015

    Take some inspiration for next year. #HalloweenGoals
  • You know these were made with passion and a huge dose of fun!

    1. Grape

    Just a few violet ballons and it's done!

    2. Everything about Tooth

    Let's see, you have a tooth, the Tooth Fairy, and a Colgate toothbrush--all set for a smile!

    3. Pacman

    Just some cardboard and some creativity!

    4. Cactus

    This cactus needs to carry its own pot, though.

    5. Gumball Machine

    A red dress, gumballs, and a $25-sign.

    6. Nacho Libre

    Perfect for the warm weather.

    7. Ronda Rousey

    Who else loves this lady MMA fighter?

    8. Atom in the movie Real Steel

    That's some hard work!

    9. Deep-sea diver

    A black onesie, bottled water, a paci, cute shades, paper and tape. Then, just add water.

    10. Sushi!

    Aren't you craving for sushi now after seeing this?

    11. TMNT and a snail

    Last-minute DIY greatness.

    12. The Flintstones

    Fred, Wilma and Pebbles, and their footmobile.

    13. Minecraft

    You now know what this family's favorite game is.

    14. Big Hero 6


    Where's Baymax?!?

    15. Honey Lemon of Big Hero 6

    Loving this Honey Lemon costume. Simple yet sweet.

    15. Lego

    Who doesn't like Lego? Made out of cardboard and plastic cups.

    16. Little Mummy

    Just a white shirt, a few bandages, and some nicely done makeup.

    17. Chanel bag

    This little girl (or most probably her mom) really likes this designer bag.

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    18. Everything Starbucks

    A barista and a frappuccino? Can I have that to-go please?

    19. Ole!

    This is just too cute!

    20. A natural disaster (Beause why not?)

    This little hurricane (more like a tornado) packs some gusty winds.

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