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  • WATCH: This Short Film Shows Us How Much Mom Is Like Santa Claus

    This little tribute from Lady's Choice celebrates moms and their sacrifices for the family.
  • For kids, Christmas is an occasion worth waking up early for. They've probably started counting the days until they can open the gifts under the tree. They've probably started drafting their letters to Santa Claus, too, and leaving treats for him on a table near the window. Little do they know Santa's always watching, and he's always just nearby. Watch the video and see how moms are very much like Santa Claus.

    Moms never fail to make everything extra special. Whether it's the gifts you give your family during the holidays or the food you prepare every day, you always make sure they get only the best. This year's Noche Buena shouldn't be any different. Give them your classic macaroni salad as a treat and use Lady's Choice Mayonnaise along with your go-to salad ingredients.

    For more holiday recipes you can make for your family this year, check out the Lady's Choice website

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