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  • We have seen how children’s parties have evolved into a major spectacle that entail well-thought-out details that leave parents quite in a whirl. What's hot this year and next year? These trends that have stemmed from the classics are given a whole new light this 2015/2016.

    1. Calligraphy toppers

    birthday cake

    Photo from Cat Campbell of www.cakewhisperer.ca

    We've seen how the beautiful art of calligraphy has re-emerged. Today however, the art is no longer limited to mere paper that flourishes our handwritten letters. They are now also incorporated in different elements, in more ways than one.  One of our favorites is using them as cake toppers! They make for a very delightful addition to our desserts!

    2. Bigger, bolder balloons



    Photo from Ashley Nicole Events (left) and http://bloomdesignsonline.com/

    We have seen balloons make way to paper lanterns and poms in the past, as the DIY and crafts trend have taken center stage. Now, we are glad to welcome it back as it is bolder and bigger and it surely creates the impact that it deserves.

    3. Handcrafted piñatas


    Don’t we all remember the piñatas of old?  Maybe even the palayok that we had to smash as kids? Don’t we all love the instant gratification of the shower of candies that results from that tap or crack of a wooden stick? La Belle Fete Events under their Bon Bebe Bonbons line are known for their unique, handcrafted and designed according to theme pinatas. They sure have come a long way from what we know from our childhood but offer the same great experience.

    4. Themed party hats

    watch now

    party hats

    To add to the list, no more generic, cone shaped party hats! The team behind those cool piñatas, La Belle Fete’s Bon Bebe Bonbons also handcrafts hats that will surely make you feel that you are in theme at the party! Such a great added touch on a usually forgotten detail.

    5. Intricate lollipops and sugar cookies

    sugar cookies


    The Sucrerie by Marie Gonzales-Molina
    Instagram: thesucrerie

    Oh, how these confections had us running to the dessert buffet! A great addition to our cupcakes and cake balls, these treats by The Sucrerie have become lovelier and even more intricate.  Cotton candy-flavored lollipops are decorated with edible petals, while the sugar cookies are stacked with butter cream filling in between. Such a beautiful and delectable twist on a classic!

    6. Entertainment on a whole new level

    The Lion King mini-musical

    The Party Systers Co. is a Davao-based event stylist that has put party entertainment to a whole new level.   They offer a mini-musical of The Lion King that highlights our favorite songs from the movie.  It boasts of a total of 25 professional dancers for its cast that will surely leave not just our little ones entertained but even the adult guests as well.  

    7. Useful giveaways

    gift ideas


    How about giving the gift of active play and bonding? ExploreSandbox is a “monthly themed subscription box, for kids aged 3 to 7, that is delivered straight to your doorstep. Themes vary each month and each box contains 5 activities that revolve around the common theme. Activities will vary from sensory play, to arts & crafts, to simple experiments and more.”  

    8. Edu-tainment

    Play dough

    In addition to the shows, it is great to see more and more educational activities done during parties.  Color Play Happy offers “Craftivity” workshops for your little guests wherein they get to use play dough and watercolor in exciting ways according to their age-bracket.

    9. Pre-birthday shoot

    birthday shoot


    Jillian ‘s Boho Fiesta
    Photo by: Nicolas Photography

    Capturing the moments and the milestones are one of the most important parts of our celebrations. Portrait sessions, just like the parties themselves, have come a long way from the white walls of a studio.  These portrait sessions or pre-birthday pictorials are tailored fit according to your party’s theme.  Enter wardrobe and set stylists to achieve your ultimate captured moment.

    10. Unique birthday themes
    We have seen the era of the rustic parties complete with the crates, the grass wall, the lemonade stands, mason jars and the chalk boards. Although they remain to be party favorites, additional elements are making things more interesting.  The elements have made an upgrade!

    1. Wild and Free 2nd Birthday Party

    wild and free

    Design: Love It Events www.loveiteventsdesign.com
    Photo By:  Kris Kan

    The bold patterns and color scheme together with the gold has upgraded an otherwise tired and over-used theme.



    2. Over the River, Through The Woods

    the woods

    the woods

    Styling: Amante Fleurs
    Photo by: Nicolas Photography
    Planning and Conceptualization by: La Belle Fete Weddings and Events

    No more flat grass walls, over growth of vines and ivy is the way to create depth and the feel of lushness. And of course we are digging the deer head right there (though we are not pro-hunting, of course)!



    3. All Things Bold and Sparkly

    glam party

    Photo by The Little Big Company

    Gigantic balloons filled with confetti and frills matched together with honeycombs and stringed together circles (set aside your buntings) make for a fun and spectacular party set-up!
    Donata Lim is the creative director of Joie de Vivre and Flourish and Frills and is mom to 3 kids. Visit her page, www.donatalim.com.

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