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  • 5 Birthday Party Themes Inspired by Movies Everyone's Excited to See

    Get ideas on how to plan a birthday party themed on Finding Dory, The Secret Life of Pets and more!
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .

  • Planning a kiddie party? Don't settle for overused and same-old party themes. Up the fun by using these upcoming family movies everyone's excited about as your birthday theme. They're trendy, new and the birthday celebrator bound to love it! 

    1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

    Video from TMNT Movie/Youtube

    We find the world's most notorious crime-fighting turtles having to defeat Shredder once again as he joins forces with Baxter Stockman, a mad scientist who plans to use a serum to take over the world. On top of that, Krang shows up and poses to be an even greater threat. The movie premeired in the Philippine last week and is still showing in theaters (as of writing). 

    Party ideas: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles come with a specific color palette--green. Use red, orange, blue and purple as an accent representing each of the turtles. Have eye  masks ready in all the colors (so kids can pick out their favorite). And, most importantly: don't forget the pizza. 



    IMAGE Betty Crocker

    IMAGE Betty Crocker

    2 Finding Dory 

    Video from TheEllenShow

    We’ve all waited 12 years, and now the anticipated sequel to Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory is just days away! The movie, premiering in the Philippines this June 15, is set six months after Nemo finally got reunited with his dad with Dory's help. Now, it's Dory who needs to go on a journey to find her family.

    Party ideas: It’s a no-brainer that a Finding Dory kids’ party will also be underwater-themed. You can use beach, starfish, sun, octopus, coral and seaweed as elements for your party. Pick colors in Dory-blue and Nemo-orange to really reinforce your Finding Dory theme. For extra fun, make it a swimming party! 

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    IMAGE Hello Splendid and Sunshine and Hurricanes

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    3. Alice Through the Looking Glass

    Video from Movieclips Trailers/Youtube

    A sequel to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, James Robin’s Alice Through the Looking Glass has Alice back in Underland for a whole new adventure. This time she’s travelling back in time, with the help of a Chronosphere she stole from Time, to help her truest friend The Mad Hatter save his loved ones. The movie premieres in the Philippines this July 6.

    Party ideas: Colorful and whimsical is the way to go for an Alice Through the Looking Glass themed party. Have tea party elements, mirrors, clocks, cards, quirky top hats and hourglasses too. 


    IMAGE Hostess With The Mostess

    IMAGE Daisy Pink Wish

    4 The Secret Life of Pets

    Video from Illumination/Youtube

    From the humans behind Despicable Me comes a film pet-owners shouldn't miss, The Secret Life of Pets. The film follows a dog named Max and his owner's new pet Duke as they stop a bunny name Snowball from wrecking havoc with his army of abandoned pets. Following Max's scent is a ragtag group of pets assembled by his fellow-dog neighbor Gidget. The movie premiers in the Philippines on Aug. 24.

    Party ideas: Plan a pet themed party fit for Max and the gang. You can decorate the space with stuffed animals (puppies, kittens, bunnies, hamsters, etc.), DIY some dog- and cat-ear headbands, serve party snacks in pet bowls and bake bone-shaped cookies. 


    IMAGE Kara's Party Ideas

    IMAGE Kara's Party Ideas

    5 Trolls

    Video from DreamWorkdTV/Youtube

    The wild-haired Trolls from your childhood are back and they've brought groove and funk with them. If you don't know what we mean watch the trailer above. The movie premieres in the Philippines on October 26. 

    Party ideas: If you're having difficulty looking for Trolls figures and toys, don't fret. Go for a colorful themed party instead. Make everything from decorations, snacks and cutlery as vibrant as the Trolls' hair! Don't forget the catchy tunes as well and groove like the Trolls do. 


    IMAGE Tablespoon and Small Fry


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