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7 Fun Games That Are Perfect for a 'Baby Sprinkle'
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  • Here's how we like to look at baby showers: It’s a fun way for mommy to relax and enjoy her time with friends and family before the delivery day and sleepless nights come. 

    It also doesn't have to be a grand affair. In fact, a new trend that's emerging in baby showers is called "baby sprinkle" (cute name, right?!) It was meant for expecting moms who already have a child, so it's less grand in scale compared to a baby shower, which is done for the first baby. We'd also like to think the label 'baby sprinkle' to imply a small number of guests, and the preparations and the fanfare is more low-key, from the food to party decorations. It's the kind of party where guests have a chance to get to know each other. 

    Several baby shower games you'll find on the internet are more fun to play when you have an intimate gathering. Here are seven you can do for a memorable party.

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    Game #1: WHO’S THE BABY
    Every guest gets to reminisce her childhood with this game. 

    What you’ll need: Baby pictures of each guest (when they were 4 years old and below) 

    How to play:
    1. Include the request to bring a baby picture in the invitation as their entrance pass to the baby shower. 
    2. As each of the guests arrive at the party, assign a number to their baby picture, and put it up on a wall for everyone to see. 
    3. One person gets to match the image to the guest. If they're wrong, the guest beside her gets her turn.  
    4. Give a prize to the person who has the most number of correct matches. 

    Sense of touch required!

    What you’ll need: 

    • Any bag 
    • Pen and paper 
    • Baby items such as the following: 
    1. Bib
    2. Teether
    3. Rattle
    4. Baby bottle (small)
    5. Diaper
    6. Baby nail cutter
    7. Pacifier
    8. Baby socks
    9. Baby shoes
    10. Onesie
    11. Newborn mittens
    12. Bonnet or cap
    13. Bath soap
    14. Hairbrush
    15. Small pack of wipes
    16. Cotton balls
    17. Baby cotton buds

    How to play the game:
    1. Put the baby items inside the bag. You can have two bags with the exact things inside to save time for this game. 
    2. Give each participant a pen and paper before passing the bag around.
    3. Without looking, each guest puts a hand inside the bag and identify as many things as possible.
    4. Give each guest two to three minutes to feel around and make their guesses before moving the bag to the next person. The participants should write the items guessed in the paper provided. 
    5. Once everyone has had a turn, find out who had the most number of correct answers!

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    Game#3:BOTTOMS UP, BABY!
    A super fun drink-like-a-baby game!

    What you’ll need: 

    • 8-ounce baby bottles with the same holes in the milk bottle nipples. It doesn’t need to be the expensive milk bottles. There are a lot of affordable ones. 
    • Apple juice
    • Skim milk 
    • Light beer (change or modify the beverage depending on your preference) 

    How to play the game:
    1. Fill baby bottles with the drink of your choice or the participant’s choice.
    2. Give all participants a bottle, and on the count of three, they must drink the bottle’s beverage as quickly as possible.
    3. The first one to finish the drink wins

    watch now

    A perfect game for a party with your closest family and friends 

    What you’ll need: 2-4 rolls of toilet paper

    How to play the game: 
    1.  Let the guests form a team of three. Give each group a roll of toilet paper. 
    2. Ask the team to pick a 'baby.' Then they have five minutes to change the 'baby's diaper,' which happens to be the toilet paper! 
    3.  The team with the most creatively diapered 'baby' wins.

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    A twist on the “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game.

    What you’ll need: 

    • Big picture or drawing of a pregnant woman where the baby bump is prominent. You can have the mom-to-be's photo blown up and printed. 
    • 5-10 cutout images of a newborn baby (depends on the number of guests)
    • Handkerchief for the blindfold

    How to play the game:
    1. Stick the preggo image on a wall. 
    2. Blindfold a guest and give her the cutout picture of a baby.
    3. After a few spins, each participant must walk to the wall and pin the "baby" on the preggo's tummy. Whoever gets it closest to the tummy is the winner.

    Game #6: NAME THAT TUNE
    Here's a game everyone loves. 

    What you’ll need: 

    • Paper and pen
    • Choose 8-10 songs (If you have Spotify, you can easily create your playlist there, but keep it private) 
    • A speaker for playing the music (optional)

    How to play the game:
    1. Distribute the paper and pens to the guests. You can let them form teams of two or three. 
    2. Play the famous parts each song (maybe with the title or not) and have the guests write down each song title and artist (if they know who sang it). You can have the guests to form groups of two or three.
    3. The team with the most number of correct answers (title and artist) wins.

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    Game #7: WHAT’S THAT POOP 
    It's not Instagram-friendly for sure, but you will get everyone howling with laughter.  

    What you’ll need: 

    • 6 to 8 pieces of disposable diapers (cheapest brand will do and smallest size) 
    • Marker for labeling the diapers
    • Assorted chocolate bars (to be melted in the microwave for a couple of seconds and placed in each disposable diaper).
    • Pen and paper
    • Small plastic spoons or popsicle sticks

    How to play the game: 
    1. Have the guests form groups of two or three members. 
    2. Assign numbers to the diapers with the melted chocolate 
    3. Pass the diapers around. Each team opens the diaper and smell and taste the "poop" (that's what the small plastic spoon or popsicle stick is for!). 
    4. They write down their guess what chocolate bar it is. 
    5. The team with the most number of correct answers wins!

    Have a happy baby sprinkle!

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