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    You can never go wrong with bunting when it comes to party decoration. From weddings to baby showers and baptisms, it’s an easy and effective way to instantly up the festive mood at a celebration—it’s almost like a party decoration hack. Hang up these DIY garlands and add a dash of color at your next party. Here are 11 unique and creative ways to use bunting.

    1 Cloth buntings

    Photo from glorioustreats.com

    Cloth buntings are sturdier than paper-made ones. They require a little bit more work but they can be stored and used again for your next party. Find out how to make them at glorioustreats.com.

    2 Easy watercolor buntings


    Photo from thesweetestoccasion.com

    These pretty watercolor buntings are ridiculously easy to make and they work for any color palette. Experience with watercolor not required either. Find out how to make them at thesweetestoccasion.com

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    3 Make them from fabric strips

    Photo from craftinge.com

    Make bunting-inspired tassel garlands for easy but chic party decoration. Find out how to make one at craftinge.com.

    4 Use recycled paper

    Photo from twoandsix.typepad.com

    The great thing about bunting is that they're inexpensive. Use recycled materials and they go even cheaper. Newspapers and maps make charming and low-key party bunting. Find out how to make them attwoandsix.typepad.com.

    5 Go for something more exciting that string

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    Photo fromprojectnursery.com

    Take your bunting up a notch by replacing the string with something more exciting like a sequin or a pompom trim like the one above. Find out how to make this no-sew bunting at projectnursery.com.

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    6 Add them to a cake

    Photo fromapairofpears.com

    Make a mini version of a bunting and use it as decoration on cakes, cupcakes and other treats. The one above comes with a printable design. Get it and the instructions at apairofpears.com.  

    7 Pompom buntings

    Photo from momtastic.com

    This bunting is made using only one material: yarn. Aside from being adorable, their sturdy nature means they can be used over and over again. Find out how to make one at momtastic.com.

    8 Spell something out


    Photo from thisisourbliss.com

    Nothing screams celebration than a big "Happy birthday" sign. Make the one above by following instructions over at thisisourbliss.com or cut the job in half and print out ready-made flags by downloading a template at ruffledblog.com

    Photo from ruffledblog.com 

    9 Hang photos  

    Photo from blog.hwtm.com


    Show off your kid's cutest baby snaps while decorating the party space with photo bunting. See how you can make them in three ways over at brit.co.

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