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  • Assembling A Party Loot Bag: 4 Handy Tips

    What’s a party without a little loot bag, right? Here are some handy tips to ensure that your child’s party loot bags are a hit.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  •  Aside from the birthday cake, colored balloons and parlor games, taking home a little bag of toys and treats is one of the things your child loves about birthday parties. Add your personal touch by assembling party loot bags your child will be excited to give away and his guests will be thrilled to receive. Mompreneur party organizer Pauline Tirona-Yau shares with us some party loot bag tips when putting together wonderful surprises kids will enjoy:
    1. Consider the party theme. “Loot bags depend on the party theme and the child's gender,” says Tirona-Yau. Prepare for the loot bags per gender. For a Dora-themed party, for instance, girls may be given Dora loot bags, while boys may be handed Diego loot bags. “Moms should prepare two kinds of loot bags per gender,” adds Tirona-Yau.

    2. Combine giveaways. Candies, biscuits and small toys like bubbles are a good mix, according to Tirona-Yau. “An add-on could be something to do with your party theme like a towelette or a stationery set with your theme's design,” she says.

    3. Be creative and environment-friendly. Forget the old practice of putting treats in small plastic bags which are readily thrown away. Instead, go “green” and find fun ways of wrapping with recyclable materials or containers that can be reused. Tirona-Yau suggests using colored tissue wrap or small towels tied with a nice ribbon for the final touch. “Some parents go to Divisoria where they can buy loot bag alternatives like backpacks, plastic envelopes, can containers, etc.,” she says. Reusable containers make great keepsakes even after all the candies are gone!


    4. Know where to shop. For the best bargains, Divisoria is still known to be a shopping haven if you don't mind squeezing your way through crowded streets to go from one stall to another. But there's always 168 Shopping Mall, a more convenient place to browse through a variety of children's toys and knick-knacks when on a budget.  “Nowadays, you can also get affordable items in bookstores, toy stores and department stores. It's just a matter of knowing your budget and looking for the items for the party loot bags that are within your budget,” concludes Tirona-Yau.
    When it's all in the bag, it will definitely be a memorable birthday bash!

    Pauline Tirona-Yau, mompreneur Kidstar Kastles and mom to 8-year old Ethan and 1-year old Tash

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