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  • These Baby Shower Games Require Simple Props and Are Ideal for Large Groups!

    Receiving gifts isn’t the only fun part of having a baby shower!
    by Kate Borbon .
These Baby Shower Games Require Simple Props and Are Ideal for Large Groups!
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  • Probably one of the most fun parts of waiting for the birth of your new baby is gathering with your loved ones to celebrate the new blessing coming into your life. Yes, their gifts will come in handy — it will at least save you a couple of shopping trips for baby essentials. But you also want them to have fun (it is a party!). So, aside from plying them with good food, you need entertainment and baby shower games certainly count. 

    If you’re planning on throwing a shower for your new baby, here are some game ideas you can try.

    Baby Bingo

    What you need: Bingo cards, pens

    How to play it: Fill out the empty boxes with items that you need for your baby or gifts that you want your guests to give you. As you open your presents, have your guests mark off the gifts that are written on the cards. Like traditional bingo, all you need to do to win is to complete a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

    Here is an example of a bingo card for your baby shower game. Your guests play the game as you open your gifts.

    Guess What's In The Bag

    What you need: Diaper bag, different kinds of baby items like bibs, pacifiers, milk bottles, etc., papers, pens

    How to play it: Put different items inside your diaper bag, and give each of your guests a pen and a piece of paper. One by one and within a specific period, have your guests stick one hand inside the bag and feel around, then write down whatever items they can identify, then pass the bag to the next guest. Whoever identifies the most number of things correctly wins.

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    Baby Bottle Chug

    What you need: Baby bottles, a beverage of your choice (e.g., juice or even an alcoholic drink)

    How to play it: Fill the bottles with whatever beverage you have. Give each contestant a bottle, and have each of them drink the contents of the bottle as quickly as they can. Whoever finishes their drink first, wins.

    Diaper Fashionista

    What you need: Rolls of toilet paper

    How to play it: Divide your guests into teams, then provide each group with a roll of toilet paper. Set a timer, then have the teams create a ‘diaper’ out of toilet paper for one of their members. The group which makes the most creative ‘diaper’ wins.

    Diaper Relay

    What you need: Diapers, baby dolls, blindfolds, a table

    How to play it: Set up some diaper stations, then provide a doll and some diapers for each station. Divide the guests into different teams, then give each member a blindfold. One by one, each group member has to take the diaper off of the doll then replace it with a new one, but they have to do it blindfolded. The team that finishes first wins.

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    If a friend volunteers to organize your baby shower, let her! You want to enjoy the party.
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    Feed the Baby

    What you need: Baby food (e.g., pureed fruit or applesauce), small spoons, blindfolds, bibs

    How to play it: Divide your guests into teams of two. Provide each person with a bib, a blindfold, a spoon, and a small bowl or jar of baby food, then have each team sit facing one another. While blindfolded, the two members of each group will feed one another at the same time. Whichever team finishes their food first wins.

    Hooded Towel Race

    What you need: Hooded towels/receiving blankets, baby items you can use to create obstacle courses (e.g., stuffed animals, diaper boxes, etc.)

    How to play it: Before the game starts, set up an obstacle course using the different baby items you have. Each player will be provided a hooded towel, and within a specific given time, each one should be able to crawl on the floor on top of the towel and pass to the opposite end of the course, then come back. Whoever finishes first, wins.

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    Tinkle in the Pot

    What you need: Large balloons, ping pong balls, jars

    How to play it: Divide your guests into teams. Each player will be given a large balloon to place under their shirts, and additionally, they will also have a ping pong ball wedged between their knees. The players need to walk down to the jars and drop the ping pong balls into the jars. The team that finishes first, wins.

    Collect the Pacifiers

    What you need: Pacifiers, chopsticks, a table

    How to play it: Scatter a couple of pacifiers on a table. Give each contestant a chopstick that they will hold secure between their lips. Using the chopstick, they have to collect as many pacifiers as they can within the given time. Whoever collects the most number of pacifiers wins.


    What you need: Lots of baby clothes (in matching sets), a laundry basket

    How to play it: Fill the basket with different kinds of baby clothes, preferably ones that come in matching sets. Have the players gather around the basket and then, within the given time, they need to match together as many outfits as they can. Whoever collects the most number of outfits wins.

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