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  • This Birthday Party Trend Eases the Pressure That Comes With Buying Gifts!

    Find out why this new birthday party trend has been gaining popularity abroad.
    by Kate Borbon .
This Birthday Party Trend Eases the Pressure That Comes With Buying Gifts!
  • A new birthday party trend has been making all the buzz lately abroad, and it just might be the answer to your birthday-present-buying woes — it's called the fiver party!

    According to Babyology, a fiver party is a celebration where guests don't bring presents for the birthday celebrator. They are instead encouraged to chip in a certain amount like $5 (hence the name ‘fiver’ party). At the party, all the $5 will be collected and given to the celebrator (or his mom) to buy a present he really wants. 

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    Why you may endorse "fiver" parties to other parents

    It is easy to see the beauty of throwing fiver parties instead of the usual birthday celebrations.

    Less stress for parents

    First of all, a fiver party will take the burden of choosing a great gift. It can be challenging to decide what gift to buy for the birthday kid especially if they are someone you don’t know very much, and there is also the risk of ending up giving them a present they won’t actually like. A fiver party will rid moms and dads of that worry, plus it will also mean that they get to save up on some cash!

    Kids learn that birthdays are not all about gifts

    Receiving gifts during birthdays is no longer something new to most kids — in fact, it seems to have become more of an expectation. This can make kids care for the presents more, instead of using their birthday as a chance to celebrate with their family and friends. A fiver party can help redirect that focus and show kids that what’s important is not the gift they’ll be receiving, but the presence of the people they care about the most.


    One benefit of throwing fiver parties is that it helps kids learn to value birthday parties as a chance to spend time with their friends and family, instead of only expecting to receive a lot of presents.
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    It's a party that's helpful for the environment

    It is only natural for kids to change interests after a while, which means that whatever they are into right now can be quickly replaced by a newer, more exciting toy tomorrow. Through a fiver party, a child will actually get a gift they really want and will probably (hopefully) end up enjoying for a long time. Plus, think about how many toys end up discarded after only having been used for a short time or left abandoned after a while!

    How to throw a fiver party

    Inform your child

    Of course, the first step to throwing a fiver party is by letting your child into the plan. Help her understand how the idea works so that you are also able to manage her expectations. Don’t forget to find out the big present your child really wants to get is, and take the price of that item in consideration when setting the amount you will be requesting your guests to pitch in.

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    It’s all in the wording

    Aside from informing your guests that you are throwing a fiver party for your child, don’t forget to provide a brief explanation what a fiver party is, and how it works. Babyology provides this example of how you can phrase your invitation:

    “[Name of child] is having a fiver party! He/She really wants a [name of big present], so instead of bringing him/her a gift, please pop [amount] in a card to go towards this. He’s/She’s very excited! Thank you.”

    Does this birthday party idea sound useful to you? Sound off on the comments below!

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