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  • Celebrating Birthdays for a Cause

    There are posh birthdays and there are simple birthday celebrations. But have you tried celebrating your birthday for a cause? Contributor and mom, Lorela Sandoval, swears by it and tells us how start planning for one.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • During times of need, we end up thinking of others and not only of ourselves. An example of this is the Ondoy crisis that many Pinoys underwent last September 2009. Helping others, in general, doesn’t need to be grand, nor does it need to wait for an earth-shaking event. It can be as simple as coming out of your shell to truly help others. A good way to start is during a birthday in the family.  
    Instead of preparing a posh birthday celebration or partying like it’s your last, why not share your blessings with other people as an alternative? If you think celebrating birthdays for a good cause is time-consuming and costly, here are some handy tips to help you see how easy and joyful it could be.
    Choose a charity or beneficiary you believe inYou could share your blessings with several organizations and communities, such as orphanages or foundations for street kids. Be clear about where you want to make a difference and then choose the right institution. It could be as simple as adopting a few less-fortunate kids for a day by including them in your family activities. Think about what kind of contribution you want to make and then research.
    Talk to the right people in the organizationOnce you have decided on your beneficiary, get in touch with the people in charge to set up a meeting with them, or, if it’s possible, share your plans at once over the phone, such as the date and party details. An advance call will give you a better idea about the organization’s standard operating procedures for projects.
    Get your family and friends involvedOnce your beneficiary agrees to your project, invite family and friends to the occasion. You’ll surely need support in planning out a fun party, selecting the food and venue, gift guides if you intend to give tokens to your beneficiary. They can contribute to the party instead of giving you gifts. You never know how you’ll touch your friends’ lives through this party for a cause. Pay it forward, as they say.
    Keep the memories aliveThe gift of remembering is one of those things that money can’t buy, so be sure to have the event recorded or photographed. You’ll remember the joy on their faces (as well as yours and your kids’). The good memories aren’t just for you. It’s for you to pass on your passion and commitment to your child.  
    Note: The author and her son are thrilled to celebrate their birthdays for a cause a month from now. Lorela believes that one small act of generosity can go a long, long way.

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