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Customize a Birthday Playlist for Your Kids on Your Mobile Phone
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    When you think of a name for your child, you cull inspiration from the names of your family, the people you treasure, and, yes, your (or your partner's) favorite song artists. 

    With that in mind, parenting site Fatherly has teamed up with Spotify to come up with a tool that curates a custom playlist for your child. "The Word Is Born playlist is created by scouring Spotify's entire music archive for tracks that contain the entered name in the title or lyrics, songs by artists who share that name, and Billboard's Top 100 for the week of birth," Blake Harper, community manager at Fatherly, tells us via email. All you need to do is enter your child's first name and his or her birthday, and voila! You have an instant collection of around 20 songs for your listening pleasure. It's a great jumping off tool in curating a playlist for your child's birthday. 

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    We decided to give the tool a try on our desktop computer. That didn't work until we tried it on our mobile phone browser. Success! Remember you would also need a Spotify account to do this. 

    If your child's namesake is a famous artist, there's a great chance you'll see songs of the the artist with the same name. Say, for example, your child's name is Dylan, expect music by folk musician Bob Dylan or contemporary remakes of his songs. It can be a great way to introduce your child to the artist he was named after. Songs has her name in the lyrics will also pop up. 

    What if your child's name is unique, and there is no artist artist or song that bears the same name? Well, the Word is Born playlist also considers Billboard's Top 100 songs during the week of the child's birth. So if your child's name is Kal-el, most of the songs that would turn up in the playlist are chart-topping songs during the week of his birthday.

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    The only downside of this web-generated playlist is the filter leaves us wanting for something more secure. Songs with explicit lyrics such as Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" can find its way in your child's playlist. But, then, again, we expect it's you behind the keys of your mobile phone.

    Customizing a playlist can take time. So some suggestions: add some songs from around that time you first found out you were pregnant with your child, or maybe songs that you used to listen to while he was still in his womb. For a preschooler who has already taken a liking to, say, One Direction or Justin Bieber, then feel free to add their songs as well.

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    Oh, and by the way, you can try your own name, too, (we'll let you decide on your of year of birth) and see what songs turn up, you know, just for a fun! 

    Try it here or type wordisborn.fatherly.com on your smartphone's web browser. You'll need Spotify account to save and customize the generated playlist. 

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