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  • II. Necessary Menu Elements

    1. Beverages
    Have two to three choices of beverage, and always have a supply of cold water on hand. Mixed juices in large, self-serve containers are more economical than individual drinks or juice packs.

    2. Savory food
    Example foods: Make mini pizzas (kids love them!), some chicken fingers, and perhaps a pasta dish. These are fool-proof kid-pleasers at any party, and you’re sure that kids will wolf them down—which means no leftovers!

    3. Sweet food
    Example foods: Serve ice cream, cookies, or mini cupcakes. Sometimes cupcakes can double as the “birthday cake,” but it’s really up to you what you or your child want to do. You can buy ready made sweet treats and just customize them. For example: Buy inexpensive plain biscuits or donuts and make your own frosting. Make a mixture of icing sugar, water and food coloring and ice plain cookies. During the party, let each child decorate their own biscuits with colored sprinkles and other candy-like toppings.

    4. Birthday cake
    Make a “serve-able” birthday cake as this can take the place of a dessert, too. Remember to make the cake the centerpiece of your child’s birthday party theme, and ideally, make it in the flavor your child loves. You can buy a ready-made cake and add a special cake topper to save time and effort.

    5. Grown-up food choices
    Make one dish or two that will appeal to grown-ups or parents who are accompanying their kids to the party. You could make a more refined pasta choice or a hearty salad. Make tea or coffee available as well.

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