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Dads, Do You Want a Baby Shower?
  • We have been busy preparing for our Smart Parenting Baby Shower event on April 3 when this topic came up: baby showers for dads. Hmmm was all we could say. There was a reason it was for moms-to-be--she is the one who has been carrying a baby for nine months and whose life will be in the balance when she gives birth. 

    Okay, a bit dramatic (but deserved!). We get it, of course. A baby is a life-altering event for BOTH mom and dad. We are not surprised that there are dads who want to celebrate their entry to fatherhood with the barkada. What we had not expected is how dads-to-be are actually serious about having a baby shower, at least those from abroad. According to statistics from Pinterest, searches for the term "man showers" increased by a whopping 149 percent. (Others call it a "dadchelor party.") Now we don't know if it's men or their wives who are doing the serious party planning. But they're looking at themes, giveaways and games, and even makeovers. Here are some sample invitations we found.

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    We asked some men and dads what they think of these baby showers for dads. Dad-to-be Kirby King, whose wife is three months along the family way, thinks it's a great idea and thinks of having one himself. "With games like diaper changing competition, poker, daddy outfits, beer drinking in baby bottles, it should be fun! I personally see it as a way na paghahatid sa akin ng mga friends ko to fatherhood." 

    "Why not?" says Louie Suarez, dad of one. "That just means more gifts for the kids! It can be an opportunity to get baby rearing products that are designed for dads like gender neutral bags." 

    Soon-to-be dad Miro Cruz agrees. "Dads now want to be involved in child care and parenting. It wouldn't hurt to have one. It could give a dad a boost into being more hands-on." 

    On the other hand, Rene Borromeo, dad of one, thinks it's not needed. "For me, ceremonies do not make a celebration more meaningful. A simple text message like 'Dude, I'm going to become a father' is already very meaningful."

    Johannes Chua
    doesn't see the point in it as well. He suggests having a couple baby shower instead. Yunggift naman sa baby so pareho lang ang mabibigay na gifts. Sa child care, pareho lang rin, except for the breastfeeding," he argues. GP Abrajano agrees and adds that a baby shower for the dad could be more fitting if he has been waiting to be a father for a long time.


    Dad-of-two Jolly Picache also likes the idea of couple showers more. He said he would attend the daddy baby shower out of curiosity, but he couldn't see himself or his friends organizing one. Keefe Juan, dad of a toddler who are based in California, says there's nothing wrong if a dad wants a baby shower for himself or a friend throws him one. "It's not bad idea if kasi mas maraming gifts na makukuha," he quips. But he admits that it's not for him. 

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    So what do other moms think?

    Lana Juan, Keefe's wife, doesn't mind throwing her husband a baby shower. "I would gladly throw him one. But I also know he doesn't like calling attention to himself." She also says it might be a bit too much if the mom has one and then the dad also gets one.

    Mom-of-two Angelie Atupan says she had heard about it when she lived in Canada but has never been to one. Her friends say that in a dadchelor party guests bring diapers and drinks and then give advice to the new dads- and moms-to-be, especially during the first few weeks of being a parent.  

    "It could be a nice suprise baby announcement, especially for dads who are so eager to be a father. But it might be too early to be considered a baby shower," says Sharlene Picache, wife of Jolly. Hanna Fernando Pacua, mom of one reacts: "It sounds similar to a bachelor party to me--less of a 'preparing for the future' like baby showers for moms, but more of goodbye quiet nights."


    What do you think of baby showers for dads? Let us know in the comments below.

    To see more ideas for baby showers for dads, click here.

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    What other parents are reading

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