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    First birthday parties are usually a big deal for Filipinos. It’s a time to celebrate life with the extended family and it marks a priceless milestone for both parents and their children.  So it’s a common question among moms to ask “How do I prepare for a successful first birthday party?“

    Review the checklist below so you won’t miss out on any details and so you’ll stay within your budget.


    Choose A Schedule And Venue

    1. Select a date. One to three months should be a comfortable lead time for birthday preparation.
    2. Choose your venue. Depending on the budget, you have different options: your house, a rented venue, a restaurant, a park, or a fastfood joint. House parties are generally convenient, but might be time consuming in terms of preparation and cleaning up. Fastfood joints now offer parties out of a box so it could be convenient for you. However, it doesn’t offer much of customization.


    Decide On A Budget And A Theme

    1. The theme is important as it sets the tone for the party and determines everything from the decorations and invites to costumes, if any. Most likely, you already have an initial theme in mind—usually something you easily associate with your child like a favorite cartoon character or book character.
    2. Set a budget with your partner and make sure to stick to it. Whenever you are tempted to go over budget, just remember that your child is too young to actually enjoy this particular party.


    Send Out Invites In Advance

    1. Discuss your guest list with your partner to make sure no one is missed out.
    2. Send out your invites in advance. Depending on your budget, you can opt to email or even text your invites.


    Have Food For Adult And Kiddie Guests

    1. Have a menu selection for adults and another one just for kids. Adults and kids don’t generally enjoy the same kind of food.
    2. If you have the budget, food carts or food stations are also a good idea for providing guests with a choice.


    Games and Prizes

    1. Kids, in general, have short attention spans, so remember not to keep each game too long when you see signs of boredom. Be flexible but have a program ready so you don’t make the adults go hungry while the games are going on.
    2. You can be creative with prizes. You don’t have to splurge. They could be cookies, candies, and chocolates which you can wrap in attractive packages to make them look more exciting.
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    Small Favors And Documentation

    1. Are party favors necessary? It depends on the parents. Party favors don’t have to be grand. These are tokens of appreciation from the parents of the celebrant to their guests. These might be small goodies, theme toys or simple souvenirs.
    2. You might want to hire a photographer. However, you don’t have to spend too much to document this event. You can have some friends take pictures and pool them into an album.


    Remember that your child will be too young to remember his first birthday party. This is actually a thanksgiving celebration for the whole family. So, with this in mind, have a stress-free first birthday party by planning and reserving resources in advance, keeping within the budget, deciding on a unifying theme, and taking your guests into consideration when it comes to the food and program. 



    • Interview with Jon Sunico, owner of Kiddie.Party.com
    • Interview with mommy, Princess Marzo, regional manager-North Luzon Bayer Phils. and mom to Pierre and Heart
    • First Birthday Fun website  


    Photography by Christian Halili

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